A single from ‘First Dates’ who doesn’t know where Castellón is is surprised that his date doesn’t know where Girona is

The quotes fromFirst DatesThey usually give rise to some geographical mistakes made by diners. It’s just what happened with Paul and Maria.

They are both from Valencia and after being introduced by Carlos Soberathey sat down to dinner, what they didn’t know was that they would need a good map or GPS.

First when Pau said that he is from Girona. “Andalusia?”, María asked in response to her date’s perplexity.

The most surprising thing was when María explained that it came from Castellonbecause his date did not know how to locate the city. “Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia…”, commented the young man, while the single woman indicated that she was only an hour from Valencia.

And not only have they agreed on their limited geographical knowledge, the young people have also shared their passion for nature and the dream of traveling through Europe in a caravan.

Who knows if in a few months or years we will have news that two young people have gotten lost in their caravan after having done ‘match’ in ‘First Dates’.

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