Bernarda Alba’s house

By Federico García Lorca. Directed by Alfredo Sanzol.

The House of Bernarda Alba is one of the premieres of the National Dramatic Center for 2024.

Bernarda Alba’s House could be told from Bernarda’s point of view as the story of a woman who wanted the best for her daughters. A pragmatic, realistic mother, who knew the world in which she lived and who did not hesitate to use all her energy to curb the anarchic impulses of the sexual instinct. A woman aware of the harshness of social norms and the dogmatic judgment of her neighbors. But it could also be told, from Adela’s point of view, as a nightmare in which a paranoid, dehumanized and lacking empathy mother locks up her daughters to keep an absurd eight-year mourning period that can end the lives of all of them. It is common for everyone to agree with Adela’s position, but how can it be, if the sexist violence that the women in Bernarda’s house suffer is the same as the sexist violence that women suffer today, in our reality?

Cast: Eva Carrera, Montse Díez, Ane Gabarain, Claudia Galán, Belén Landaluce, Patricia López Arnaiz, Inma Nieto, Sara Robisco, Ana Wagener…

Scenography: Blanca Añón

Lighting: Pedro Yagüe

Costumes: Vanessa Actif

Music: Fernando Velázquez

Sound Space: Sandra Vicente

Movement: Amaya Galeote

Characterization: Chema Noci

Director: Alfredo Sanzol

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