‘El Desafío’ chose its latest finalists, who join Pablo Castellano

‘The challenge’ It already has its four finalists. Adrián Lastra, Chenoa and Marta Diaz they join Pablo Castellanowhich has already been classified with controversy last week.

Castellano was precisely in charge of opening the night with a number of acrobatics. Behind the, Mario Vaquerizo He has become a cowboy playing various instruments and whistling the song ‘Death Had a Price’.

Adrián Lastra has immersed himself fully in the role to star in a musical. Then, The Cordovan he joined to Pepe Navarro to complete a circuit in the required time and finish by parking your car with two wheels.

Sea Flowers He has left everyone speechless with his jumping dance challenge in which he has moved 400 muscles in one minute, while Marta Díaz became frustrated with her aim after failing in her challenge.

Monica Cruz He has successfully faced a wall choreography and finally, Chenoa has left everyone with their hearts in their fists by submerging himself in a water tank in which he has had to practice apnea escapism.

The singer turned out to be the winner of the night, sharing her prize with Mario Vaquerizo and qualifying alongside Adrián Lastra and Marta Díaz for the grand final.

In that final, the classified contestants will do tandem with the rest to add their points and become the next winner of ‘The Challenge’. The couples are:

Pablo Castellano and Monica Cruz

Chenoa and Mar Flores

Adrián Lastra and Pepe Navarro

Marta Díaz and Mario Vaquerizo

Gala classification 11

1. Chenoa 29 points

2. Adrián Lastra 27 points

3. Pablo Castellano 17 points

4. Monica Cruz 16 points

5. Pepe Navarro 11 points

6. Mar Flores 10 points

7. Marta Díaz 5 points

8. Mario Vaquerizo 4 points

General ranking

1. Pablo Castellano 183 points

2. Chenoa 178 points

3. Adrián Lastra 176 points

4. Marta Díaz 169 points

5. Mar Flores 154 points

6. Monica Cruz 143 points

7. Pepe Navarro 139 points

8. Mario Vaquerizo 137 points

Challenges of the final

Mario Vaquerizo: Lethal Trigger

Marta Díaz: Eccentric percussion

Mar Flores: Videowall dance

Pepe Navarro: Impossible diving suit

Mónica Cruz: Blind Choreo

Pablo Castellano: Tightrope walker bike

Adrián Lastra: Pole dance Challenge

Chenoa: Deadly Seesaw

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