Europe needs another perspective

The year was running 2019 when the top staff of the Volkswagen Group broke in A bombo and a platillo to announce at the Barcelona motor show that the future was going to be electric and that, in passing, they left aside the titanic effort by Seat España to bet on sustainability with the development of Natural Gas models. It was one of the first appearances of the then el-Born (which would end up losing the item) and it was under the brand seat. What things.

The good of Mikel Palomera (at that time and fortunately for the sector still today general director of the brand in Spain) did not know where to go. Disciplined, as always, he took on the slap, turned the other cheek and accepted the new theses that his boss, Luca de Meoand the boss of his boss, Herbert Diess, they proposed for the future. How everything has changed.

Yeah, From Meo and Diess. I already told you that a joint interview with both of them was the worst and most tense I have ever done in my life. While Luca defended the gas, Herbert laughed. While the Seat man defended Martorell’s productivity, the other sarcastically argued that production was cheaper elsewhere. Things of high politics. Diess pushed the electric car to the grave, dragging down the entire Volkswagen Group with it. Luckily it arrived Oliver Blume and they regained some sanity. De Meois now patron of renaultdefends electricity with its division Ampere but still embrace clean combustion with horse. But that is another story.

Five years have passed and It seems like a century has passed. From the political establishments, a climb towards the electric carthat the manufacturers had to assume yes or yes, overwhelmed by the idea of ​​saving the planet and eliminate polluting emissions. Europe assumed the salvation flagand after her It took years and years of work to improve existing combustion technologies. Should emissions be eliminated as much as possible?

Well yes. Although I think that politicians bet more on vote-raising than on common sense. That’s what we’ve been so lacking lately. To the compel and regulate With laws towards 100% electric vehicles, manufacturers have had to spend enormous amounts of money, transform factories, develop new platforms, and invest in technology. And yes, that’s fine. But Someone had to have stopped to think about the real route of all that electrical climbing.. Because, you know, it seems that after the plan drawn up and the billions of euros, many are already beginning to lift your foot off the electric accelerator faced with the reality.

Seat Leon Natural gas

Some of those who preached total electrification even stop. This same week Audiwhose roadmap marked 2026 to have only electric ones, he has already said that will continue manufacturing combustion models beyond that date. And it is that Where I said ‘I say’, I say ‘Diego’. It is clear that the electric car is an ultimate goalYes, but it seems to me that some still think that to get from A to C you don’t have to go through B. The Euro 7 standard that will be approved in Europe already advances some of this.

The benefits of the hybrid

The hybrids that seemed anecdotal are taking over the market, and we have no other choice in the face of threat of 2035 and the end (or not) of the combustion engines. Many brands are already backing down towards the development and improvement of combustion models, extending the life and updating current models and proposing more hybridization. Because we need a logical transitionto. And not only legislation, but also industrial and always analyzing the user’s needs. Because Not everyone wants an electric one, nor can they have one, much less plug it in.. Over time? Well yes.

But just look at the penetration in the different markets to know that in the same way that there are 24 official languages ​​in Europe there are as many realities of the electric car. Even Chinese manufacturers, that great threat to the industry of the Old Continent, have realized it. Chinese brands are beginning to bring hybrid models (electric and combustion), because they have observed the market. And they are not stupid. Besides, All this is not just about electric cars, it’s about technology. And in that they are also overtaking us from all sides and tearing off our stickers.

The chineseYes, those whom some mistakenly call ‘demons’ are only people who have observed, taking perspective. Now they we will inspect everything you bringwe will put them duty and they will be in the spotlight. For safeguard our industry. OK. But that will not eliminate reality, and that is that we need to follow an orderly transition to the electric vehicle.

European Parliament.

I think that Europe must rethink its transition, necessary, to electrification. The 2035 thing is still there, but I already told you that some manufacturers They are already thinking about extending it by countrywhile others advocate real aid (and managed by Europe) for the purchase of an electric vehicle in southern European countries. Come on, like a ‘Marshall Plan’ for electricity. Why not?. The car will be electric, but not yet today. You have a long way to goat least here, where at this time of the year we have lowered from 6% to 5% of market share.

Political pressure

Luca de Meowithout going any further, sent a letter this week to the main legislators of Europe to give them the batteries. The most responsible for renault and president of the European manufacturers association (ACEA) alerts them about the weak position of the industry before the Chinese offensive and American incentivesas well as the dependence on other markets for the provision of raw Materials. The architect of the birth of Cupra He admits that “the industry does not question the Green Deal”, although he asks them to “rethink the conditions under which it is applied.” The European industry is at stake, and the electricity industry, too.

Look where, what From Meo and Diess They boasted in Barcelona with the Seat el-Born, It seems we are closer to it. When the price of batteries and development allows it, we will see. A electric seat (as a result of the Renault-Volkswagen agreement). Yes. And for less than 20,000 euros. But that will still take a while to arrive. First you have to do your homework.

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