ID. BUZZ GTX | Does an electric van with more than 300 HP make sense?

Talk about the ID. Buzz most powerful in the history of Volkswagen is certainly curious, given that this van is barely two years old. Despite its neo-retro design, with which you collect smiles as you go, this is a very innovative concept and, as such, it has many roots yet to appear. He Volkswagen ID. BUZZ GTX is one of them.

How does the GTX look in this van?

Be easily identifiable thanks to the black grille of the front bumper, as well as the update of the daytime running lights with a signature made up of two LED triangles one above the other. The black is repeated in other elements of the bodywork, such as the air deflectors, the GTX nomenclaturethe mirrors and, as an option, Matrix LED technology.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX.

The tires Venlo series are made of alloy and 19 inchesbut the client can choose specific 21-inch models called Caracas and Townsville. Furthermore, the tone Cherry Red premieres for ID. Buzz GTX, in combination with the Silver Metallic Mono if we talk about the two-tone body.

As for the interior, black continues to be the predominant tone with the aim of imparting that sporty and thuggish image. The ‘Comfort’ seats have electric adjustment and memory function, while their upholstery features a diamond pattern with red stitching.

It also debuts a Head-up Display (optional) and incorporates the new infotainment system in the touch screen, which goes to 12.9 inches compared to the previous 12. In addition, your voice assistant will be able to answer complex questions thanks to the implementation of ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence.

New 12.9-inch screen for the ID. Buzz GTX.

One of the key advantages of ID. Buzz is its habitability, which is maintained in this sporty variant with up to 1,121 liters of cargo capacity with five seats and the option to fold them down to reach 2,123 liters. Luckily, its size will not prevent you from parking easily, since you have the option of completing the maneuver through your smartphone.

Brute force, but electric

The GTX name identifies the most performance models in Volkswagen’s electrified range, as is the case with the ID. 4 GTX. It is, therefore, a zero-emissions van with a lot of horsepower in kilowatts, specifically 250 kW which becomes 340 HP. It reaches them thanks to the rear motor 210 kW (286 hp) and a propeller asynchronous motor (ASM) on the front axle 80 kW (109 HP)so it is all-wheel drive.

Its towing capacity increases.

Both engines propel this model with zero label up to 160 km/h, with an acceleration ofe 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. Is it practical for a van? It is certainly not key to its commercial functionality, but it allows us to show a fun, powerful and striking side of Volkswagen’s electrification. However, what is truly interesting is its towing capacity, which increases to 1,800 kilograms.

The large ID battery. Buzz is about to drop in dealerships, but the model GTX will still mount the 79 kWh of the ID. 3 GTX. Of course, in the long wheelbase it increases to 86 kWh, as we also see in the ID. 7 GTX family. It will charge from 10 to 80% in 25 minutes in fast shots of up to 185 kW, a power that reaches 200 kW for the largest battery.

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