Juan del Val surprises by growing a Julián Muñoz-style mustache and stands out for Victoria Federica after the publication of a hoax

Juan del Val He doesn’t mince his words… but he does mince his mustache. The communicator surprised this Sunday with a unexpected change of look With which He leaves behind the scruffy beard that he had been wearing for years, to be left with only the mustachein the purest style Julian Muñozwhich has caught the attention of both his program colleagues and viewers on social networks.

“We have with us a man from Murcia who we don’t know who he is,” said Nuria Roca, laughing. “It looks like a Civil Guard“, he added. “He looks like the boss of Mortadelo and Filemón,” said Nacho García. “They have told me that I look half a year younger,” the writer, who is going through a splendid professional momentcombining his successful literary side with television.

He is currently the second on board of ‘La Roca’, which is broadcast on Sunday afternoons on the sixth), collaborator and scriptwriter of ‘El hormiguero’ and jury of El Desafío’, in prime time access and on Friday nights on Antenna 3respectively.

Precisely because of his work in the latter, Juan del Val has shown his face for Victoria Federica, one of the participants in the next edition of the contest presented by Roberto Leal, which is being recorded in these weeks. The niece of Felipe VI has been victim of false information related to his first job on televisionwhich claimed that the managers were not happy with his signing, because “he doesn’t adapt and doesn’t know how to speak.”

He denial of the member of the jury of ‘The Challenge’ in ‘La Roca’ has been forceful: “Despite the mustache, I am serious. This information is false and harmful. It is doing harm for the sake of doing it. It is not true that it does not adapt and does not It’s true that she doesn’t know how to talk. I promise you. She’s obviously shy and not used to cameras, but she’s a lovely girl and I assure you there’s no problem with Victoria. If it weren’t like that, I swear I wouldn’t. I would say,” he said.

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