laSexta Xplica experienced an intense debate between Afra Blanco and Gonzalo Bernardos that provoked the intervention of José Yélamo

In its broadcast on Saturday, laSexta Xplica He immersed himself once again in the political and social issues that concern public opinion. This time the program highlighted the housing crisis and how the Housing Law has negatively affected the availability of rental housing, a growing concern for Spaniards, as reflected in a 7.9% increase according to CIS data.

Idealista reports a worrying increase in rental prices throughout Spain, with an average of 10.1%. Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have experienced even greater increases, reaching 13.6% and 12.4% respectively. In some provinces such as Segovia, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, the increases have been even more pronounced, reaching up to 24.6%. In Catalonia, where areas of high demand have been identified, seasonal rentals have increased by a staggering 90%.

During the debate, Gonzalo Bernardos raised the idea of ​​considering foreign tenants with greater economic capacitywhile Carmen Arcarazo from Llogateres Catalonia Union advocated for stricter regulation of temporary rentals to protect tenants’ rights. Arcarazo denounced: “These bad practices need greater regulation regarding temporary rental”.

Diego Nister, an influencer, shared his difficulties in finding a rental home, despite having a good salary: “Despite having a good salary, they don’t let me be a tenant due to my age and despite having my parents as collateral.” Nister denounced: “I am finding excessively small apartments for which they ask 1,120 euros per month”.

The program included a heated debate between participants, such as Javier Díaz-Giménez, Gonzalo Bernardos and Afra Blanco. Blanco defended Nister, saying: “You explained yourself wonderfully and those of us who wanted to understand you did so”. Furthermore, Blanco recalled the famous phrase during the crisis: “It was a fake that they put on us,” to which Bernardos responded: “It was all a lie”. The confrontation reached its peak when José Yélamo intervened to restore order: “You don’t want to act as a prompter, that’s what I’m here for. And you don’t want to intervene every time a guest speaks. Honestly, I insist, you’re tiring me out.”.

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