Lucas Curotto: “As a child I had to face ADHD quickly and understand that everyone has their own rhythms”

It can be said that it is the ‘miracle baby’ of the edition. Because the Uruguayan living in Catalonia Lucas Curotto23 years old, entered ‘OT 2023‘ with his long hair and his sweet voice and he was the first nominee, so he thought he had reached that point. However, he stayed. And he continued, and continued, displaying the further evolution of the contest. After beating him against a monster of generating fans like her partner Chiara, she sneaked into the final. AND achieved a fifth place, above a contestant as charismatic as Martin. Although the miracle actually hides a lot work and a positive attitude.

“The first nomination was good for me. I realized that ‘OT’ was going to be enjoyed, but also to work. In my head I had: Let’s see how long I can last. And each gala surpassed me a little more. When I was nominated with Chiara, I had seen at the record signing that many people were crazy about her and when we looked out of her window we almost didn’tAll the posters were for Kiki, and that I had beaten Violeta, I said: today I’m leaving,” he confesses. She had to fight the pressure she imposed on herself. “But the work, the effort and moving forward pays off,” she knows now.

Week in which he stayed, he took it as an opportunity to improve. “Thanks to the teachers, who are incredible professionals, I felt more comfortable at the galas. The nervousness is never lost, but it gives peace of mind to arrive with some tools,” he confesses. There was only one person who could make him nervous, Buika, the toughest and most unpredictable jury, who ended up getting the point. “What happened with Buika was brutal. I took the first words he had with me with constructive criticism, although it was a bit upsetting. And he ended up saying the iconic ‘Lucas, Lucas, Lucas’. But I noticed that everything was super good,” he says.

A revolutionary haircut

A turning point in the contest was her radical change of look. However, cutting his hair had very different consequences than good old Samson: it gave him strength. “From the inside I didn’t know. But there was a moment when Noemí Galera told me: ‘You have revolutionized Spain with your haircut.’ Although there were people from the ‘team long hair’, a lot of people liked it,” he says.

Lucas Curotto, at the ‘OT 2023’ Christmas gala. / AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Another aspect that was valued in the coexistence, because, let’s not forget, the ‘reality’ part is important in ‘OT’, since it allows us to get to know them better, was the naturalness with which he interacted with the gay contestants, showing that new masculinity that allows you to show affection without complexes. “The most important thing is human quality. And they are magnificent people,” she reasons. touched with Martin and Juanjo’s relationship, He even provided the soundtrack to their love story. “Whether they release the song or not; I gave it to them, because it is what they transmitted to me,” she says.

The Naiara Pillar

He also lived a great love there, but in the form of friendship, with his partner Naira. “When we started talking, we realized we had a lot of things in common. We were accomplices and when there were things that bothered us a little we looked for each other with our eyes, because we understood each other. And we started to be super close,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “She was always there for the good times, the bad times, to cry with laughter and to cry from crying. With what she ended up being a fundamental pillar. It’s a friendship that I will carry with me for life,” he insists, thus settling the rumors of romance that were fueled by the chemistry they exuded when performing ‘Hungry Heart’.

Naiara and Lucas, performing the song ‘Hungry Heart’ in ‘OT’. / AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Although he always had in mind Claudia, his girlfriend. And she even wrote a song for him inside the Academy. Could that be the ballad she has composed? “It could be,” he says mysteriously. “And there will also be another more sensual song,” he reveals. Although now we have to think about the present, and this includes the one he recently released, ‘Broken hearts’, which had started before entering ‘OT’ and ended there. In it, although he does not experience a heartbreak (it is a fictional story) he addresses that army of people who have ever suffered it.

The importance of networks

Composing is getting complicated with so many commitments they have had since leaving the contest. “At least they are in my head,” he consoles himself, while he assures that he is doing well with that frenetic pace. “Sometimes it is tiring, but the people are super respectful and loving so it becomes easy. Although it is a little crazy that you go somewhere and people wait for you,” she admires herself. However, for him the most difficult thing is feed the networks. “It’s hard for me to be with him. with the cell phone all the time, although I know that a work tool. Networks today are very important for an artist. When he was a barber he did little,” he admits.

Juanjo, Lucas, Martin, Naiara, Paul Thin and Ruslana, finalists of ‘OT 2023’. / AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

And to not lose your mind with so many stimuli, there is nothing better than being well, both mentally and with your environment. “Then, what happens outside… Although you have to be very grateful to the people who support you. And as for the ‘hate’, It’s impossible for everyone to like you. You have to adapt,” he says resignedly. “The most important thing is behind closed doors, which is where you sleep, live together. The thing about networks is so ephemeral… Because a tweet sometimes lasts a few seconds, one day, and then it’s forgotten. It’s not that important”.

Living with ADD

What is important for him is that his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is now part of the past. “It was a very hard stage, because I had a hard time with school, ESO…. But, also, it was frustrating, because as a child I knew that what I wanted was to dedicate myself to music,” he recalls. We learned about his disorder when he told it at the Academy. “As a child you don’t realize it either, but when there was teamwork, as it was very difficult for me, no one wanted to do it with me. In the end, everything serves as learning, and as a child I had to face it quickly and understand that everyone has their own rhythms, that makes me calmer. If I hadn’t said it, no one would have noticed, because I’ve worked on it since I was a child,” he says.

And that is the message you want to convey to young people. “We have all gone through stages in life where you say: what am I going to do with my life? And if on top of that you have friends younger than you who are becoming independent or who are clear about it… But regardless of whether it costs you, you must work and keep trying. Each At your time. And, in the end, everything comes,” he concludes.

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