Nobody wants to admit it, but interest in Chinese cars increases fivefold

Many Spaniards understand the arrival of Chinese brands such as the abandonment of the European product, more reliable and good than the Asian one, to its fate. However, while some openly reject this conquestespecially through social networks, Many others do just the opposite when searching for information about them.. What’s more, according to data published by, the search for Chinese brand cars in used vehicles has quintupled in one year.

The fear of its durability, the quality of its finishes or the lack of spare parts seems to dissipate with the passage of time. Something that is also helped by the constant rain of new developments from these Asian firms, capable of developing cars in record time and with an immense range in China.

MG ZS electric.

This phenomenon is especially Featured on Lynk&Co, a brand that belongs to the Geely group and that, in recent months, has registered a strong increase in interest. In February, for example, searches for used Chinese models on have been shot up to 468% compared to the same month in 2023. A reaction similar to that experienced by the cars of MG on the platform, who have registered a 330% growth.

This last brand has arrived in Spain with a knock-down pricing strategy, key to becoming the best-selling car for two months in 2023. He MG ZS thus became the first Chinese model to reach the summit, surpassing the undisputed leader Dacia Sandero and its most direct rival, the Seat Arona. Both managed to maintain the rate in general sales last year, which we review in this article, but the Chinese offer and its features make things very complicated for European brands.

Only Peugeot survives

As a curious fact, and given the strength of Asian brands, Peugeot also recorded growth in searches last month from 110% compared to 2023. It may seem surprising, but, as reminds us, The French firm also ended February as the best-selling brand in Spain with 6,151 units. What’s more, he overtook Toyota after nine months of unwavering leadership.

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