This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we talk in this space about films that touch the theme of teaching, through teachers who will mark the lives of their students. Who has not had some reference in class that has guided their steps in the future… just like that Mr. Keating who built Robin Williams in Dead poets society, under the direction of Peter Weir, back in 1989. We could list a good bunch of titles under this leitmotiv, that of teaching.

Well, now it comes to us, after being considered the best Ibero-American film at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival, this exemplary tape, written from real eventsto show us the history of a secondary school teacher that reaches a fairly marginal area (the border city baptized as Matamoros), to teach primary school to extremely unmotivated children, surrounded by poverty and violence. Director Christopher Zalla writes the script, based on an article signed by Joshua Davis, where he tells us the adventures of this dreamer (the work done by the great actor who plays him is incredible).a Eugenio Derbez in a state of gracecapable of extracting the deepest emotion from the coldest spectator) that knows how to open the lock of the box that keeps the dream of each of his students, inviting them to fight for itwithout giving up and breathing enthusiasm and a lot of enthusiasm. The children are magnificent –the authentic looks, the clear and convincing voices-; In general, the entire cast exudes naturalness and professionalism.

This Mexican productiona mix of drama and comedy, demonstrates how nothing is impossible when it comes to transmitting that something that invites to recover lost illusions, after routine classes, someone arrives who, with quite radical methods, clashes with the traditional educational system, with those conservative and old dynamics that bore and demotivate the long-suffering students. And some colleagues and corrupt officials in the administration will not make it easy for them. Finally, we are faced with a film that aims directly at the viewer’s heart… and gets it right.

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