Review of ‘Milli Vanilli: girl you know it’s true’: the greatest ‘playback’ of the century

Elan Ben Ali and Tijan Njie, as Milli Vanilli in ‘Girl you know it’s true’

“This movie It is based on a real history. Actually, in several stories and realities”, can be read in the credits of ‘Milli Vanilli: girl you know it’s true’. Baby, you know it’s true. That was the title of her first album, in 1990, crowned in the most top of the charts for eight weeks. Baby, you know it’s true. Or you don’t. Because the German’s successful – and somewhat tacky, let’s say it bluntly – mix of pop, dance, hip hop and ‘new jack’ Robert Pilatus and Fab Morvan, German and French, was one of the greatest impostures in music popular. It couldn’t be any other way considering that the creator of the invention, “the genius in the shadows”, was Frank Farian, a clever producer who stole songs from others and also created Boney M.: Farian was the one who provided the singer’s voice. of that group as others provided the voices of Milli Vanilli.

It could have its meaning in an escapist mute with a cult and adoration of the image. Milli Vanilli were handsome and had dreamy braided hair, so They triumphed by looking palmetto, because by doing music and singing, nothing at all. The film reconstructs the story of these ‘playback’ heroes with little critical distance and a somewhat exaggerated interest in making the two ‘musicians’ look good, humble people devoured by a corrupt system.

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