Shakira surprises her fans with a spectacular concert in Times Square

Shakira has surprised all her fans with a grand concert in Times Square, the heart of New York. There we have been able to see the one from Barranquilla in a spectacular display of media, playing with the multiple screens of the New York plaza, in a concert that, in addition, was announced that same day and that has brought together more than 40,000 people, who were able to listen to Live and live the new songs from Shakira’s new album ‘Las mujeres ya no Lloran’. An album in which she shows that she has already overcome her breakup with her ex, the former soccer player Gerard Piqué, and that now what matters to her are her children and her musical career, which, as we can See, it’s still a success. A journey through new songs and the most classic ones that, without a doubt, has not left anyone indifferent. We’ll see if the Colombian continues to surprise us with more surprise concerts to promote her new album.

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