Terelu, angry after being recorded in a church during Holy Week in Malaga: “Record it, darling”

Terelu Campos She has been very angry during the celebration of Holy Week in Malaga. The presenter has outraged after a team of reporters filmed him praying in a church in the capital of the Costa del Sol, images that were shown this Wednesday in ‘Espejo Público’.

I have come to pray. You don’t even let me pray… To me, really… I wouldn’t do that to anyone… To anyone…“, stated the communicator and collaborator of ‘Mañaneros’, getting even more angry when she saw that she was not paying attention to her request: “Yes, record it… Record it, baby…“.

These images of Terelu Campos have seen the light after he gave a surprise to Carmen Borrego in the latest installment of ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’. The communicator connected live with Honduras to give love and encouragement to her sister on her adventure in the Cayos Cochinos: “Everything is fine, everything is calm.”

“You don’t know how we are all with you, what the family chat is like. I was able to be in front of our father today and I know that he is going to protect you, that he is there protecting you. And mom is doing it too,” Terelu told Carmen.

“You are the soul of ‘Survivors’, I want you to know that. You don’t know what this country is like now with you and with this piece of program. Everyone talks about Carmen, listen to me”stated Terelu to try to give a emotional boost to her sister, who despite the difficulties, highlighted all the positive things that the program is giving her.

“It’s been very hard, but it’s an experience that I will always keep in my heart. Wherever I end up, this has helped me overcome many things. Thanks to this program, I have realized that I am capable of much more than I thought,” Carmen said before Terelu gave her advice: “You have to control what we talk about. The mind is our worst enemy.”

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