The cause of Carmen Borrego’s physical discomfort: what is social constipation?

Carmen Sheep he’s not enjoying it to the fullest’Survivors’. The contestant has already accumulated two activations of the withdrawal protocol and it also appears to be a physical ailment.

The sister of Terelu He has not gone to the bathroom for two weeks now, something that doctors have already diagnosed as social constipationa term that refers to the emotional or social reasons for not being able to defecate when there are more people.

The symptoms of this condition are the same as those of usual constipation: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, cramps and even feeling dizzy. The peculiarity is that it is the brain that influences the impossibility of performing such an intimate act.

Social constipation, which affects 10% of the population, worsens on the island due to the conditions to which the contestants are subjected. The bad nutrition It does not help to have healthy intestinal transit.

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