The complicated state of health of Julián Muñoz: “He only has a little voice”

‘Friday’ learned last night from her daughters about the complicated state of health of Julian Muñoz. The former mayor of Marbella and partner of Isabel Pantoja He has been admitted for 16 days.

Muñoz is currently surrounded by his two daughters, Elia and Heloiseand his ex-wife, Mayte Zaldívawho are in charge of informing the press about the status of their family member.

The situation is quite complicated, the family does not want to give many details how she is doing at the request of her daughters, they want their privacy to be respected because they are not having a good time, they are very worried,” commented some collaborators.

Furthermore, Eloísa, one of the daughters, gave more details: “within the complicated situation that Julián is going through, there was a small improvement.A friend of mine spoke with him and told me that Julián barely had a voice. “.

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