A couple arrested in Palma for mistreating their two-month-old baby

The National Police has arrested Palm to a couple for mistreat to its baby, a newborn just two months old. The little boy was admitted to a hospital a few weeks ago with several fractures and the doctors warned that it could be a case of abuse. According to doctors, he had injuries consistent with strong shaking. A court has agreed to withdraw custody, while keeping the investigations open.

The case was detected at the end of January, when the accused went to a hospital with their son, an infant of seven weeks. The minor had serious injuries and the doctors found that he had fractures in several parts of his body. Their different state of evolution suggested that they had been produced days apart.

shaking syndrome

Suspecting that it was a case of mistreatment, the hospital activated the protocol and immediately informed the court on duty and the National Police. The doctors carried out various tests on baby and verified that the lesions were compatible with the shaking syndrome. They also analyzed whether it could be a disease known as ‘glass bones’, but they ruled out this possibility.

All medical tests, as reported by the Police, pointed out that the injuries were the result of the abuse suffered by the newborn. With these reports on the table, the court in charge of the matter preventively withdrew custody of the parents and the Family and Women’s Unit (Ufam) of the Police took charge of the investigation.

After collecting various evidence, the two parents were detained for a crime of injuries in the family environment and brought to justice.

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