A master history class to exalt the figure of blessed Álvaro Córdoba

He brother of the brotherhood of Sorrows Gonzalo Herreros This Sunday he was in charge of evoking to the Cordoba brothers the figure of blessed Álvaro de Córdoba (for popular devotion, San Álvaro), a traditional act that annually dedicates the Group of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods to his patron in the vicinity of his festival.

Gonzalo Herreros, drew the lines of his exaltation from a historical point of view. In this sense, she offered a history master class with the background of the Holy Rosary tradition of Dominican origin like Blessed Álvaro de Córdoba. After praising the work of the Dominicans and their devotion to the Virgin of the Rosary, created some fictitious mysteries where historical figures linked to the city appeared. The fifth mystery being “the Passion” was the one that linked with the figure of blessed Álvaro de Córdoba, told of his relationship with the city and above all its involvement in implementing in the saw of Córdoba the first Way of the Cross in the Westorigin of the Easter.

The event, like every year, took place in the sanctuary Dominican of Scala Coeli before the venerated bust of San Álvaro de Córdoba, which stood on a simple stretcher on one side of the main altar of the temple.

After the exaltation, the vice president of the Association of Brotherhoods, Rafael Carlos Roldanthanked the exalter and then gave him a souvenir of the event.

Minutes later, the mass began, presided over by the counselor of the brotherhood of the Holy Christ and Saint Alvaro of Córdoba, Father Mariano del Prado, with the musical chapel of the Brotherhood of Mercy.

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