A single from ‘First Dates’, without mercy against divorcees: “They flirt with 20-year-old girls”

The most famous restaurant in television reopens its doors in search of new singles to unite in love. The dating show received a visit from Isidro, a single man who defines himself as “a shy, dull person, the supporting actor of any movie, the one that is filler and that no one sees.”

After the presentation, Isidro did not hesitate to criticize people who break up, buy modern clothes, put on an earring and go flirt with girls of 20 and 30 years old. The program set up a date for him with Mar, a single woman who loves to make others happy and share the successes of her friends.

Once at the table, dinner began by addressing the relationships that both had maintained in the past. Isidro spoke openly about his ex-partner with whom he had a relationship for 20 years, the same number as the age of the son they had. For her part, Mar assured that her relationship with her former husband remains good despite the breakup.

The bachelor was surprised by Mar’s age. Isidro thought that the single woman was much younger than she claimed, however, her date clarified that it was a genetic issue. At that moment, Mar considered that Isidro should know that he had managed to overcome breast cancer.

The final decision has brought great joy to both singles. Isidro was clear that he had to have a second date with Mar while the single woman shared the same feeling for her companion for the evening: “You seem like an interesting, cultured, intelligent person…”Isidro flattered before saying goodbye to the program.

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