AEMET CÓRDOBA WEATHER | Temperatures skyrocket in Córdoba but… what about the rain?

Córdoba, on a rainy day.
Victor Castro

The week starts with rain as the protagonistalthough it will be fleeting, since for today, the forecast points to weak precipitation, which will not make an appearance during the rest of the week. On the other hand, the temperaturesespecially the minimalthey shoot, rising up to six degrees.

In general, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) For this Monday, February 12, cloudy to overcast skies are expected, with light to moderate rainfall. Rising temperatures, locally notable. Winds from the west, weak to moderate.

Temperatures will be at Cordova between 10º and 13º, in Lucena between 14º and 18º, in Pozoblanco between 10º and 19º, and in Priego from Córdoba between 10º and 17º.

Weather in Córdoba. CORDOVA

Here you can consult the Weather forecast for today in all municipalities of Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain.

The weather in Córdoba this Tuesday

The Aemet wait for this one Tuesday cloudy or overcast skies, without ruling out weak and scattered precipitationdecreasing to cloudy intervals of medium and high clouds in the afternoon. Temperatures unchanged, locally on the rise. Winds with a weak west component, tending to be weak during the day and eventually turning to an east component.

The thermometers will oscillate Cordova between 13º and 22º, in Lucena between 14º and 21º, in Pozoblanco between 9º and 19º, and in Priego from Córdoba between 9º and 19º.

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