AEMET CÓRDOBA WEATHER | Yellow warning for rain and wind with precipitation that has already left more than 25 liters

A person walks in the rain protected by an umbrella, in a file image.

The Meteorology Statal Agency (Aemet) has activated the yellow warning for rain and wind in Cordovawhere rainfall has already left 25.4 liters in the capital of Córdoba since it started to rain yesterday, Thursday, according to data from the airport meteorological observatory at 7:00 a.m. Specifically, since this morning the yellow warning has been activated on the Mountain range, The Pedroches and the Countryside due to rainfall that can be up to 15 liters per square meter in one hour or of 40 liters in twelve hoursas well as for winds with gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hourwhile in the Subbética Cordoba the notice is limited to strong wind. The Aemet will keep the warnings active until 3:00 p.m. rains and until 7:00 p.m. due to the wind.

In general, the Aemet For this Friday, February 9, skies are expected to be covered with widespread rainfall and persistentoccasionally accompanied by storms, which can be locally strong, opening up clearings at the end of the day. Temperatures rising minimums; maximums unchanged or decreasing. Moderate winds from the west or southwest, with strong intervals and very strong gusts.

Temperatures will be at Cordova between 9º and 16º, in Lucena between 9º and 14º, in Pozoblanco between 7º and 13º, and in Priego from Córdoba between 6th and 12th.

Weather in Córdoba. CORDOVA

Here you can consult the Weather forecast for today in all municipalities of Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain.

The weather in Córdoba this Saturday

The Aemet foresee cloudy or overcast skies precipitation generally weak and occasional, more intense in the mountains, remaining slightly cloudy during the afternoon. Fog in the mountains. Temperatures decreasing minimums, reaching at the end of the day; maximums unchanged or decreasing. Moderate west winds.

The thermometers will oscillate Cordova between 5º and 16º, in Lucena between 5º and 13º, in Pozoblanco between 3º and 11º, and in Priego from Córdoba between 2nd and 10th.

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