Andrea (‘The Island of Temptations’) insults María Verdoy: “She already has the black fig to be talking nonsense”

Andrea Bueno has given a lot to talk about in the social networks after its last publication. The participant of the seventh edition of the reality show Telecinco He insulted María Verdoy this past weekend after she commented on ‘Socialité’ about their reunion in the special ‘Eight months later’.

“What happened with Andrea and Álvaro is the most toxic thing I have ever seen. They are not aware of that toxicity and that is precisely what defines a toxic relationship,” said Verdoy, later adding: “She completely overrides him and he goes on and on. If you see something like that, even the least bit close to you, run away, get out of there. “May it be of some use to see these relationships on television.”

These statements did not sit well with Andrea, who insulted the presenter through the stories from his official Instagram account: “Stud face.”

“The message goes to you. You should be ashamed, being older than a bag of gnomes, speaking without knowing. She already has the black fig to be talking nonsense,” said the woman from Malaga, addressing the presenter of ‘Socialité’, whom she criticized for her supposed lack of neutrality: “She is not a girl, being a presenter she would have to be a little more neutral, with that mouth stinks… Criticizing the first thing that comes to mind, If you do not know do not speak”.

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