Ayuso reacts to TV3’s parody with Nebulossa’s ‘Zorra’: “Here’s the look”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso visited ‘The critical gaze’ this morning. In addition to chatting with Ana Terradillos about different current political issues, she has also reacted to the latest viral parody of ‘Polònia’. To the rhythm of ‘Zorra’, the president of the Madrid’s community has become the protagonist of a satire of the TV3 program, which has changed the title of the Nebulossa song with another word: ‘Facha’.

“I have my doubts. I don’t know if I like the original or this one more,” Ayuso said after the Telecinco program showed him the imitation of the comedy format. “At least here they don’t call me a bitch. I don’t know if you like being called that,” she told Terradillos: “I prefer to be called a journalist, a politician, a woman… I like it better for other things.”

“Is it freedom of expression or are you angry?” the journalist asked the politician, who assured that her entourage is “delighted” with the video: “It has reached me in a thousand places.”

Having said that, Ayuso has begun to make a list with a markedly ironic tone: “If you tell me that turning on the tap in any house in Madrid and there is water is being a façade… Here is the façade. If you lower taxes on people who If you try to give scholarships to your children who have made an effort and have gotten good grades (…) “Facha!”

“If Madrid is the capital of Gay Pride, it is the first bullring in the world, where the demonstrations take place, where the best shows and their olives are, it is a facha… Well, here are the fachas,” he continued. saying.

Terradillos has also asked him if “his time” at the head of the PP has come: “And, above all, what do we do with Alberto?” “Well, I’m in my fachosphere, take it away,” Ayuso pointed out: “Also, you go through Madrid and everything is full of fascists. 14 million tourists last year… All fascists! You go down the street, they are the terraces full, with the nightlife chosen as the best in the world… Everyone looks good!”

“I am as president of a region at the service of Spain, Spanish above all,” she insisted before settling: “We are in the best moment in Madrid. Maybe we are all fascists, but we are so happy there.”

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