Ayuso supports Feijóo after the controversy over the pardon and accuses Moncloa of “trilerismo”

After a weekend of astonishment in the ranks of the PPIsabel Díaz Ayuso has come out in defense of Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Genoa’s position regarding the Catalan independence movement. The Madrid leader has assured that she has not heard anyone in the party leadership say anything different from what has been explained so far regarding the amnesty. “I have not seen any change,” she assured after the incomprehension they caused in the ranks. from the PP the information this weekend about how the party leadership studied for 24 hours the amnesty law that Junts requested and the possibility of considering a pardon for Carles Puigdemont if the necessary conditions are met, such as submitting to Spanish justice.

In fact, he blames the Socialist Party for the commotion, ensuring that “it “They are grasping at straws” now that we have reached the “final stretch” of the Galician electoral campaign. “I would not go with junts even around the corner,” she said emphatically, but insisting that this is also the position by Feijóo. “Hhas said the same thing, no to amnesty, no to pardons and yes to continuing to investigate” the cases related to terrorism. And in fact, he accuses Pedro Sánchez’s Government of “trilerismo”, only that now there are “22 ministers moving the ball “. “We are surrounded by shells and before you realize it, you don’t even have any shoes left,” he pointed out.

When last summer there were several contradictions on the part of Genoa about the PP’s conversations with Junts for the constitution of the Cortes, Ayuso was one of the regional leaders who wanted to publicly mark the limits of these denials, ensuring that “it cannot be continue paying for the party to the independentistas”. But once the red line was marked and her position shown on August 15, the Madrid leader has remained faithful to her leader, with a clear effort to show her support in public and that no one could suggest that she was putting stones in the way. by Feijóo.

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