Barbate supports the Civil Guard and continues to ask for more means against drug trafficking

The silence is so respectful before the council. As unanimous as the cry of ‘enough is enough’ from a people who ask for justice for their civil guards, also in front of the barracks. Solidarity and rage against drug trafficking. A municipality that regrets the cheers of some “who are neither from Barbate nor love Barbate,” said its mayor. And they demand, once again, more resources. “From having five patrols they have gone to one for 25 kilometers of coast. They do not have the troops or the resources. The port of Barbate is without any security,” explains the councilor, Miguel Molina. And as the associations themselves denounce to combat this scourge. “Perfectly prepared organizations, organized like an army, with an unlimited budget, where they have technical means and personnel that we are not within reach,” says Maricarmen Villanueva, the general secretary in Cádiz of the Unified Association of Civil Guards. Vox, of the electoral campaign in Galicia, asks to go even further: “The drug trafficker can only be responded to with lead, with long weapons, as necessary and, of course, with all the appropriate legal means so that they do not have any responsibility” Santiago Abascal explained. And change the law, he says, if necessary.

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