Body assures that “right now” there is “no modification” of the banking tax in negotiation

The Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business, Carlos Body, assured this Monday that “right now no modification is being negotiated” to the extraordinary tax on banks.

“Within the Government pact itself, what we have is a continuous study of all the figures and we will see within that study how the different tax figures are going to evolve, including the bank tax, but, of course, right now it is not in “no modification of the instrument has been negotiated,” he said when asked if this extraordinary tax will be maintained beyond 2024.

Regarding whether the profits reported by the banks in 2023, more than 20% higher than those of 2022, justify the maintenance of this tax, Corpus has stated that “Having a solvent financial sector is essential For any economyto support growth and financing for citizens”.

“But the financial sector has to do more, it has to have an element of social responsibility and that is what we have been working on in recent years, reaching important agreements,” Corpus defended in statements to TVE reported by Europa Press.

Among these agreements, he has mentioned the financial inclusion of the elderly, the rural world, relief measures for people with mortgages at a variable rate, as well as the banking tax itself, “which has been essential for the sector to contribute, to lend its shoulder, to finance the social shield, that is, the support measures for households and companies,” he highlighted.

“In the future, what we have done this year is to prolong this tax, since the conditions continued to exist for the sector to contribute fairly,” argued Body.

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