CÓRDOBA ATLÉTICO CHRONICLE | Córdoba CF thrashes Atlético de Madrid B again and returns to third place

He Córdoba CF was imposed with clarity and relative comfort this Saturday in The Archangel to the Atlético de Madrid B (4-1) with goals from Kike Márquez, Simo, Carracedo and Antonio Casas for the Blanquiverdes and Cala for the Colchoneros in a match that did not have much history. The red-and-white subsidiary tried to oppose their physical resistance and speed to the greater quality of Córdoba, but Ania’s team managed to get ahead on the scoreboard in their first clear arrival at the rival goal. Then, in a mistake from Córdoba, the team Tevenet managed to tie the match, although it was a mirage, since Simo, before the break, once again overtook the Córdoba CF. Already in the second part, Carracedo, Córdoba CF’s best player in the match, scored the third for the Blanquiverdes, who with this result rise again to third place in the classification and reduce the gap with the first two, now situated at ten points. To round out the white-green happiness, Antonio Casas scored the goal that closed the account and that broke a drought of almost three months without score from the Rambleño striker.

Intense start

Ivan Ania He decided to continue giving his trust to Matías Barboza as Adrián Lapeña’s partner in the axis of defense and reserve José Antonio Martínez for his debut as a Blanquiverde. He also opted for Simo Bouzaidi as an alternative to the suspended Adilson Mendes, in his first start, precisely, since the first round match against the colchonero reserve team, (10 days later), so Álvaro Leiva had to wait for his opportunity to start a start. with the Cordoba shirt. And he also introduced the Asturian in the eleven Kike Márquez, who had been a doubt in the last few hours due to his physical condition.

Simo Bouzaidi dribbles past an opponent during the match between Córdoba CF and Atlético de Madrid B. AJ GONZÁLEZ

The most striking thing about Córdoba CF’s start is that there was no such start, as in other matches in El Arcángel. Atlético de Madrid B insisted on a physical waste, with high pressure and also on the men of the Córdoba midfield that made the flow of the game impossible for Iván Ania’s team.

Goal by Kike Márquez

In fact, even Diego Bri and Nabil were around the green and white area, although without any real danger to the integrity of Carlos Marín’s frame. What’s more, Córdoba CF’s first chance resulted in a goal. Barely ten minutes into the frustrating game against the mattress blockade when Christian Carracedo received a ball on his wing to send a poisoned cross to the far post where Kike Márquez took advantage of Lalo’s passivity to beat an Iturbe who had beaten even before the Sanluqueño hit the ball. The best that could be said about Córdoba CF is that they did not despair or become discouraged. Although Atlético de Madrid B did not allow him the continuity that the green and white team normally needs to generate chances, the truth is that he took advantage of the minimum that was made or that the rival allowed him to make to score the first goal of the night. And, furthermore, he did it with precision.

When they had done the most difficult thing, Córdoba CF took a step back, since just four minutes later they received the tying goal in a Córdoba demerit, more than a rojiblanco merit. Carlos Marín sent a committed ball to Diarra, with his back turned, at the beginning of a green and white play. The Malian did not control the ball well and Cala took advantage of the mistake to receive the ball, dribble past the local goalkeeper and score the tying goal. A jug of cold water.

The most curious thing is that the history of the game was repeated again. After the mattress tie, the match returned to that blocking phase on the green and white side against the red and white pressure. Tevenet’s team managed to ensure that Córdoba CF did not have fluidity or continuity and although they managed to achieve some goals (two of them with Simo, min. 22 and 29), they were also unable to generate the heat in the stands after having accumulated chances that made the players doubt. kids from the colchonero subsidiary.

But Carracedo appeared again to unclog. The green and white winger was unstoppable for Marco, nor for Pablo Pérez, nor for Mariano. So a cross was once again taken from the right that the red and white defense did not know how to clear with force, leaving the ball dead in its own area, a circumstance that Simo Bouzaidi took advantage of to put Córdoba CF ahead on the scoreboard again after scoring almost at will.

Atleti B accuses Simo’s goal

The Tevenet team seemed to suffer that second blow. Either that, or you can’t stand that physical waste of pressure for so long. The fact is that after the 2-1, Córdoba CF seemed a little more comfortable on the field and conveyed the feeling of having more time to think, to receive the ball and see where to direct the game. The feeling was that, finally, Córdoba CF could play what they wanted without added tension, so they added three more arrivals and managed to prevent their rival from stepping on the green and white field. It seems that both teams waited until half-time to receive instructions from their coaches given the scenario presented: Córdoba CF was capable of scoring up to two goals without having great fluidity in the game and overcoming great pressure from the Colchonero side. And the visiting goal came due to an error by Córdoba CF when the ball was released, not due to a visiting virtue. To show superiority over the opponentSometimes, it is not necessary to add countless arrivals and opportunities. It is enough to be precise at the right time. And Córdoba CF was.

Beginning of the second act with debut

The second act began with the obligatory debut of José Antonio Martínez with the green and white shirt, since Matías Barboza suffered dizziness almost in the first action of the match in that second act and, after being attended to by the assistance, they recommended his replacement.

Simo celebrates his goal, second for Córdoba CF against Atlético de Madrid B. AJ GONZÁLEZ

The Huelva native was going to have a placid debut. Atlético de Madrid B, perhaps because of the memory of the first round match, He did not dare to take control of the game even though Córdoba CF took that little step back to go out on the counterattack. Fearing precisely those rapid green and white transitions, the Colchonero reserve team never looked with conviction for Carlos Marín’s goal. But such caution was of no use to him.

The third one arrives…

In a rise by Calderón, the left-back from Córdoba put the ball over the center of the red-and-white small area where the attempted header from Kike Márquez converted an assist for Carracedo, who scored the third of the night and rounded off a great performance by the Catalan.

Luis García Tevenet’s Atlético de Madrid B seemed to definitively accept the evidence. The superiority of Córdoba CF was more than evident and despite having conceded relatively little to the green and white team, Ania’s team managed to tip the match in their favor without fuss, but with precision and forcefulness. Therefore, the last quarter of the match really seemed like a friendly. Ania brought on Casas and Kuki Zalazar, Tenevet did the same with El Jebari, Mestanza and Abde and both of them accepted the result as good.

…And the fourth

Antonio Casas didn’t think so. The Rambleño saw a great opportunity against the Colchonero reserve team and took advantage of it. Shortly after jumping onto the field, Álex Sala started a play near the red-and-white front, relying on Kuki Zalazar, who returned the ball to him to go to the baseline and launch a low cross that was taken advantage of by Antonio Casas to close the game. the defeat of Atlético de Madrid B by the Córdoba CF and also to say goodbye to his scoring drought, which had lasted since last November 22. Thus, happiness in Córdoba CF It was complete.

Data sheet

4-Córdoba CF: Carlos Marín, Carlos Albarrán, Adrián Lapeña, Matías Barboza, Calderón, Álex Sala, Diarra, Carracedo, Kike Márquez, Simo, Alberto Toril.

Substitutions: José Antonio Martínez for Matías Barboza (48′), Kuki Zalazar for Kike Márquez (63′), Antonio Casas for Alberto Toril (63′), Álvaro Leiva for Simo (79′), Iván Rodríguez for Carracedo (79′) .

Coach: Iván Ania.

1-Atlético de Madrid B: Iturbe, Pablo Pérez, Lalo, Mariano, Marco, Mini, Assane Ndiaye, Cala, Nabil, Diego Bri, Niño.

Substitutions: El Jebari for Nabil (64′), Mestanza for Diego Bri (64′), Abde for Cala (71′), Boñar for Lalo (87′), Joel for Niño (87′).

Coach: Luis García Tevenet.

Goals: 1-0 (10′) Kike Márquez. 1-1 (14′) Cala. 2-1 (33′) Simo Bouzaidi. 3-1 (59′) Carracedo. 4-1 (83′) Antonio Casas.

Referee: Gonzalo Sánchez (C. Castellano-Manchego). He showed yellow to Cala (30′), Lalo (49′), Carracedo (66′), José Antonio Martínez (90′), Mariano (90′).

Incidents: The Archangel Matchday 23 of the League in the First Federation. 9,512 spectators.

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