CÓRDOBA BIRTH DEPUTATION | The Provincial Council of Córdoba will provide a 500-euro bonus for births in municipalities with less than 3,000 inhabitants

The president of the Provincial Council of Córdoba, Salvador Fuenteshe already indicated during his inauguration speech that one of the basic pillars of his mandate at the head of the provincial institution would be the fight against depopulation of the province. The budgets presented by the PP government team for the current year, the first of Fuentes’ period in the presidency, contemplate measures along these lines. The last one to be announced was today by the delegate of the Presidency, Interior Government and Housing, Marta Sileswho has reported the launch of a birth aid line for municipalities with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants.

To launch this program birth incentive, As Siles explained, there will be a sum of 100,000 euros that has been established based on the births recorded last year in the municipalities receiving these subsidies. However, “and we hope so”, the fund will be increased in the event that the planned aid from 500 euros per birth, as explained by the Presidency delegate.

200 helps

In total, there are 37 municipalities that fall within this requirement set by the population and whose families will be able to benefit from the 200 helps set, initially, to meet the expenses involved in the arrival of a new member.

For the second vice president of the provincial institution, this line of aid will help face the demographic challenge. “We are going to work in different lines in a transversal way, through the different areas and with other administrations,” said Siles, who has clarified that depopulation is a phenomenon that “has intensified in the last ten years and affects everything to the smallest municipalities, with a consequent social and economic degeneration.

Digital divide in rural areas

In this sense, another of the measures presented, also dependent on your delegation, and that will serve to combat Spain emptied is the one referring to the reduction of the digital divide in the rural world.

In this regard, the deputy stressed that “we are working to improve digital connectivity, with the aim of bridging distances between smaller villages and municipalities.” For this purpose, the provincial institution has created a specific programcalled ‘Digital Rural Challenge’, which will be “one of our priorities,” Siles stressed.

The amount allocated for this purpose is 1,520,522 euros.

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