CÓRDOBA CF | Matías Barboza and Martínez, two paths of light under the shadow of Gudelj

A major problem, two timely solutions and a wave of decisions to Ivan Ania in its Córdoba CFwhose task of achieving its objectives is to form the best possible front line between now and the end of the season, although without the presence of its defensive banner: Dragisa Gudelj. The regret of the absence of the iconic Serbian-Dutch central defender – out until the end of the season – continued to be a significant handicap for the green and white until recently, with a defense aligned with minimums, effectives in the infirmary and a central demarcation left-handed in which trial casting had not even been a conceivable possibility. The first name to gain weight was Carlos Garciathen came the irruption of Matias Barbozafor now, with the winter transfer market closed, adding the alternative of José Antonio Martínez to an equation that takes color at the pace of training.

And after weeks of measurements, the demarcation of the left-handed central defender in the axis of the green and white rearguard is already considering more alternatives in accordance with the taste of the Asturian coach -García is still in the infirmary, he has not finished convincing in his performances-, specifically two : the Malaga footballer promoted from the reserve team and the recently arrived central defender from Palma.

Matías Barboza, job and talent

If any name has emerged especially strengthened from the last few days in Cordoban key, it has undoubtedly been that of the effervescent “Mati” Barbozadefender from Córdoba CF B who has taken advantage of the wave of losses to earn a rightful place in the first team’s schemes, even as a starter. «If I said it was surprising me, maybe I would lie to you. I see him so mature for his age… For me, of the defense today, it was possibly the best», declared a satisfied Ivan Ania at the close of the appointment Linarejosanalyzing the performance of the now “27” white and green in his second starting game with the reference squad, which may well have seemed like the umpteenth time at almost 22 years of age – he will turn 22 on February 13 -.

Only 224 minutes, in this way, has been needed by the former Atlético Malagueño to convince and demonstrate the reason for the coaching staff’s commitment to his rise from the dependent team, showing that he is a central defender for the future and who does not at all mind assuming the stripes of defense two categories above what he I was used to it, after standing out at the crossroads in front of the Real Murcia and in front of Sports Linaresin addition to collaborating in the closing of the prior appointment in the New Columbian.

Under the hand of Diego CaroMati has been the pillar of a defense in which this year he has not been able to have a special role either, as he has found himself mostly in the first team dynamic, although he did last year, in which he formed one of the fashionable couples of the team. Group 10 of Third Federation with the Extremaduran Carlos Daniel Dorado, now in Talavera. All in all, in the current 2023-2024 season he has had time to add 1,252 minutes on the court, over 14 games – all as a starter – and having scored two goals, while showing some of the signs of his football: craftsmanship, calmness, ball delivery, speed and good disposition in the aerial game.

It is not surprising, therefore, that despite the emergence of other competitors, the man from Malaga is now one step above in terms of taking over the position, with his continuity in the eleven foreseeably guaranteed for the next clash against the Atlético de Madrid B in The Archangelthis Sunday (8:00 p.m., FEF TV), in which they will have to deal with another subsidiary club.

Martínez, baggage and gallons

The other name that arises when devising replacements to make up for the significant loss of Dragisa Gudelj in the left-handed profile it is José Antonio Martínezstar signing of the final stretch of the last transfer market – only two players were added, he and the attacker Álvaro Leiva -, from the Dallas FC of the MLS, the highest category of American soccer, and which is currently in the middle of a private mini-preseason to acquire the necessary rhythm after four months without wearing shorts in an official match. «He is very professional, he has been with a personal trainer. He will need a couple of weeks of training with the group to get optimal», he revealed Juan Gutiérrez “Juanito”green and white sports director, during the Palmerino’s own presentation ceremony, although evidencing that his incorporation and performance are desired – and expected – in practically immediate time frames.

The former defender of Granada, Eibar, Sevilla Atlético or Barcelona Bamong others, along these lines, has already added days of work with his new team, leaving a very high level in the training sessions carried out to date and even having not been present during the last visit to the Sports Linares -at least alignable, he was following the match from the stands, after briefly exercising on the grass before the initial whistle- due to bureaucratic issues, after the impossibility of processing his file before the dispute of the match with the blues.

José Antonio Martínez, during a work session this week at the Ciudad Deportiva. VICTOR CASTRO

Yes, he will be in a position to add to the match with the red and white, however, for those who bid to debut with the green and white. «He is a forceful center back, left-footed, with good ball delivery, expeditious», he also noted Juanito regarding the new wearer of the number “16”, 30 years old and recruited for a season and a half, about whom he confirmed that his incorporation, due to background and sign, was not a possibility at the start of the market. He also comes backed by three promotions, one to First division and two in the silver category, in addition to outstanding participation in the national elite with the Granada team.

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