CÓRDOBA CITY COUNCIL | CGT denounces a wait of 5 months to obtain the registry certificate

The Union CGT calls the situation in which he finds himself “critical” statistical service of the Córdoba City Council, which is in charge, among other procedures, of municipal registry certificate, due to “the alarming lack of human resources and third-world technological means.” It’s a statement, CGT regrets that the lack of personnel “is increasing year after year without the municipal government lifting a single finger to solve the situation, with the serious consequences that are generated for users who see that their requests are resolved with an intolerable delay due to the helplessness of the employees “.

In the opinion of the union, there is currently less than half the staff that would be needed, making it “impossible” to attend to the more than 100 requests received daily. At the moment The accumulated delay in obtaining the registry is “more than 5 months“, according to CGT, which warns that it could worsen, causing “a serious risk of total collapse of the service.” Something that they believe could happen during the month of March when the pre-registration period opens for infant and primary schools where they also the Junta of Andalusia Request the registration certificate directly from the City Council.

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For all these reasons, the CGT union demands that the City Council “take seriously the needs” of citizens who require this type of procedures such as the receipt of financial aid, social aid, subsidies for housing rental, civil registration, collection of unemployment, or the dependency law. Likewise, CGT urges the government team to urgently provide the necessary personnel and the appropriate technological means that allow employees to provide the service in the way that the citizens of Córdoba deserve.

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