CÓRDOBA DANCE | The Luis del Río Conservatory raises the curtain for about a thousand schoolchildren with ‘Discover dance’

The program Discover the dance The curtain will rise again this week Duque de Rivas Theater, at the Luis del Río Professional Dance Conservatory of Cordovato present the works of almost a thousand students and 72 teachers of 15 educational centers that have participated in this edition, as reported this Monday by the Councilor for Education, Narci Ruiz, and the director of the center, Lucía Luque. The days February 14, 15 and 16will be presented three shows in the morningwith productions that cover the disciplines of flamenco, contemporary and classical dance, taught by students of all ages, from 8 years old onwards. He Friday the 16th afternoonthe gala of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses of professional dance will be presented in two shows, with a double show, one at 6:00 p.m. and another at 7:30 p.m.

With three decades of experience, this educational program is one of the oldest in which he collaborates Córdoba City Council and its main objective is dissemination of dance and its relationship with the performing arts among minorsas a way to instill values ​​such as discipline, effort, tolerance, camaraderie and develop psychomotor skills, rhythm and flexibility.

40,000 schoolchildren in 30 years

Since it was launched in the 90s, around 40,000 schoolchildren have participated in this program. According to Narci Ruiz, Discover dance differentiates the playful sense that the development of dance offers and the possibilities of professional development, in addition to helping to promote artistic sensitivity and basic issues such as punctuality, silence and applause, which are basic when attending as an audience a show. Lucía Luque has assured that in addition to promoting these skills, It is also a way that helps discover vocations among schoolchildren, since a percentage of those who enroll in the conservatory to study professionally claim that their first contact with dance was through this educational program.

Luque has also highlighted the effort made by the center to develop this program, in which students and teachers have been working for two months, and which requires the adaptation of the conservatory to accommodate the 945 schoolchildren participating in the proposal. He also thanked the parental involvementwho collaborate in the organization of the stage space and in access control.

The director of the conservatory explained that the show is designed to be enjoyable, varied and fun, with short pieces, and will be presented by a student who graduated from the School of Dramatic Art, who will act as master of ceremonies. The auditorium has space for about 350 people and there are still some tickets that can be picked up this afternoon at the AMPA headquarters of the conservatory. Likewise, he recalled that the admission period for registration in these courses will be open between April 1 and 30.

The councilor has announced that on April 29, International Dance Day, A celebration activity is planned on the street that will take place on Gran Capitán Boulevard.

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