CORDOBA POLITICS | Political chronicle of the week: It’s a saying

The municipal Corporation received the new councilor of We make Córdoba José Carlos Ruiz who promised the position “for everyone, everyone and everyone”. Then she took his seat, next to Paula Badanelli, who looked at him amazed (that is to say) by the declensions that the new capitular had given to the indefinite pronoun. The Vox spokesperson, by the way, went to a hunting party over the weekend in Villaviciosawhere he saw fit Take a photograph next to the hunting trophies and post it on the networks social events to the delight (that is to say) of animal activists and Ecologists in Action. «Vox with ours, with our customs, with hunting, with the countryside“, wrote.

Be careful with the field, is on a war footing and thrown onto the national highways and highways of Spain in protest of “the suffocation” of the sectorthe rise in fuel prices, the reduction in fertilizers, the EU’s agricultural policies, the food chain, excessive bureaucracy, cuts in the PAC, low profitability, lack of water, unfair competition (which some French farmers and Segolene Royal attribute to us; and we, to Morocco) and even for tractor spare parts. A cocktail that the minister is having to drink again (and there is already a jartá) Luis Planas who, by the way, will come to Córdoba this week. Another minister, the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, inaugurated on Wednesday the State Library or of the Patos, now called Grupo Cántico, which promoted Carmen Calvo and has opened its doors after 20 years who, as everyone knows, are nothing (feverish in their gaze, wandering in the shadows, etc.). What began with controversy over that uprooted rose garden (if you remember, she combs gray hair or dyes it), has ended with total success with the public (on Thursday all the theaters were already packed) and with critics, and with the three administrations starting a pinion: the City Council, which laid the egg, I mean the ground; the State, which built it; and the Junta of Andalusiawhich like the last little finger, he ate it.

It has also taken the City Council another twenty-odd years to find a solution for the so-called private areas for public use that, in the end, will be maintained and cleaned by the City Council and not by the neighbors as historically they had had to do.

The first day of the opening of the Grupo Cántico Library. Manuel Murillo

The president of Citizen Movement Council, Juan Andrés de Graciaapplauded the agreement that the communities will have to close via agreement with the administration so that it is the one in charge of clean the street, pick up the trash cans, cut down the trees or cut the grass in those common areas. Now that we’re talking about cutting, let’s also tell you that we had a guillotine session (that’s a saying) this week at the IMAE. The Culture Delegate, Isabel Albashas ordered the sudden dismissal of the manager, Antonio Aladrowho was hired just 5 months ago to manage the municipal theaters and who is talking about toxic environment». This includes three departures (voluntary or forced) of managers so far this term. You see that we don’t go around with hot towels here.

Finally, note that although the mayor of the Presidency, Julian Urbanocommissioned an opinion from the official chronicler to find out if it was necessary recover the lion’s shield on the city flag rampant and linguate and dispense with the seal of Albolafia, the Mosque and the Roman Bridge what he put Julio Anguita; and that the chronicler has told him that yes, yes, that he can remove the seal and put the lion rampant back, everything will remain as it was. I mean, the same. And it is not a saying, that is what it is. The flag of Córdoba will not be touched.

Shield of Córdoba with the lion rampant and the current shield of Córdoba with the view of the city. CORDOVA

We will close the chronicle with echoes of society and criticism of the costumes they have opted for this year. Carnival 2024 our local politicians. The mayor, with a long-sleeved tunic, candid toga and we assume that subligaculum looks in the patrician colony style; the Andalusian parliamentarian Veronica Martos and the delegate of Social Services, Eva Contador, they opted for the medieval outfit; the Human Resources delegate, Cintia Bustosit was Peaky Blinders, and the president of the Provincial Council, Salvador Fuentes, did not hesitate and opted for Napoleon: “My greatness does not lie in never having fallen, but in always having risen.” The rest are on the street or at most with Fidela rubber bands.

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