Cristina Castaño takes stock of ‘At this rate (we are not) premiering’ and sends a message to television stations

The celebration of the Goya Awards It has been marked by the presence of numerous personalities from the world of cinema, culture, television and music, who have gathered to celebrate the most important night of Spanish cinema.

Among them, Cristina Castañowith which YOTELE has been able to talk about his participation in ‘At this rate (we are not) launching‘, a program focused on the world of theater that last year aired on The 2.

The actress does not hesitate to have good words for the program “that everyone who watched really liked and it has reached a very nice place.” Regarding the format, the interpreter values ​​the good work of the production company: “It was a very white program that spoke and had a deep love of theater“.

However, despite the great experience he had during the program, Castaño does regret the audiences the program obtained.”when broadcast on a minority networkin which you cannot advertise in a certain way, because it is a public chain.

Furthermore, Cristina Castaño values ​​how much she learned doing the program: “I met wonderful people and It gave me the opportunity to work on some textswhich perhaps because of my typology, they would never have given me“.

On the other hand, the actress wanted to send a message to the television networks: “I think There are no programs made in this country with those characteristics and I think it is necessary that there be that type of television where competitiveness does not come into play, where other values ​​come into play and our culture and our flavors”.

Finally, regarding the possibility of a second season, Cristina has been clear: “I don’t know if there is any network interested, but I have no news about this“.

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