Deterioration of our environment – Diario Córdoba

I am a neighbor of Ronda de los Tejares avenue, and as a citizen I am concerned about the deterioration of coexistence and health in our environment. For several months now, a group of homeless people has settled in the porch of the building that was previously occupied by a bank, located near number 16 of our avenue. This situation has degenerated into a problem of unhealthiness and public safety that seems to have gone unnoticed by our municipal authorities.

These people, pushed by circumstances to live on the street, have found refuge in said arcade, but the lack of adequate facilities forces them to carry out their physiological needs in the open air, specifically in the garbage containers located in front of this space. The result is an unbearable stench that invades the area, a devastating spectacle for any passerby and an obvious health risk for all residents.

I understand that the problems of housing and social exclusion are complex issues that require long-term solutions and the collaboration of different entities. However, the inaction of Córdoba City Council in this particular situation is unacceptable. This is not only a question of urban hygiene, but also of human dignity. The people who live in this arcade need real help and solutions, not to be ignored or become part of the urban landscape. Therefore, through this letter, I urge the municipal authorities to take action on the matter urgently. It is necessary to implement measures that not only address the cleaning and maintenance of the area, but also offer housing and inclusion alternatives for these people. Córdoba prides itself on being a welcoming and supportive city, and it is time for our policies and actions to reflect those values.

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