Discover who designed the look of all the stars invited to the Goya

The Goya Awards red carpet renews its commitment to Spanish designers on the big night of Spanish cinema. Many of the key faces of the ceremony, which will take place tonight in Valladolidthey have opted for national firms to celebrate our cinematography.

Ana Belenhost of the gala with, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossiwill wear a custom-made design from Redondo Brand, Damiani jewelry and Lodi shoes. At the gala she will have three costume changes, with designs by Juan Vidal, Tot Hom and Isabel Sanchis.

Javier Ambrossi has chosen for the red carpet a black cropped tuxedo in cool wool with satin details and classic tailored pants and a white chiffon shirt from Palomo SpainChristian Louboutin shoes model ‘Derbies – Derloon’ and Suárez jewelry.

For its part, Javier Calvo He will wear a black cold wool tuxedo on the red carpet with satin details and wide pants all covered in black lace and black lace shirt with front ties by Palomo Spain; Christian Louboutin shoes ‘Loafers Dandy Chick Plum Strass’ and Suárez jewelry.

Sigourney WeaverGoya Internacional 2024, has opted for the American designer Thom Browne and will also wear Suárez jewelry.

Some of the creators

Lorenzo CaprilePedro del Hierro, Teresa Helbig, Joan Ros, Rosa Clará, Alicia Rueda Atelier, Ana Locking, Ze Garcia, Bimba and LolaLander Urquijo, Rubén Hernández Costura, and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada These are some of the brands and designers from our country that will dress the nominees, presenters and guests of the 38th edition of the awards.

The Sevillian brand is added to them bundlespecialized in tailored suits, tuxedos and morning coats, which has dressed some of the ceremony’s presenters and the president of the Film Academy, as a collaborator of the 2024 Goya Awards. The Spanish footwear company Hispanics, sponsor of this 38th edition, will also have a presence in the looks on the carpet. In the jewelry section, Suárez, Del Páramo Vintage and Bárcena will be some of the brands that will be showcased at the photocall of the great Spanish cinema festival.

Check here which designer has dressed the stars of Spanish cinema:

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón: Redondo Brand dress, Messika jewelry, Lodi shoes

Alberto Ammann: Dior

Alex Brendemuhl: Dior suit and shoes

Alexis Morante: Hugo Boss

Alex Saint: Redondo Brand dress

Alba Flores: Made by Kös, New Rock shoes

Alfonso Bassave: suit by Lander Urquijo, shirt by Carmen Sobrino, boots by Christian Louboutin

Amaia: On the red carpet, Sportmax dress, Prada shoes and Simuero jewelry. At the gala, dress and shoes by Acne Studios and jewelry by Suot

Amaia Aberasturi: Dior total look

Ana Belen: On the red carpet, Redondo Brand custom made, Damiani jewelry and Lodi shoes. At the gala, a Juan Vidal dress, Messika jewelry and Lodi shoes; Total look by Tot Hom; and Isabel Sanchis dress and Magrit shoes

Anna Castillo: Sybilla dress, Cartier jewelry

Ana Garces: Alicia Rueda Atelier dress, Coosy cape, M de Paulet jewelry, Inés Domecq shoes

Ana Rujas: Armani Privé dress (haute couture), Bvlgari jewelry, Hispanitas shoes

Ana Torrent: Armani dress and shoes, Suárez jewelry

Antonia San Juan: Andrew Pocrid dress, Mascaró shoes, Del Páramo Vintage jewelry

Azucena de la Fuente: Ana Canaan dress; Maison Mesa cape; Lisi Fracchia jewelry, Moschino bag

Barbara Lennie: Gabriela Hearst dress, Cartier jewelry

Belen Cuesta: Armani Privé wardrobe, Damiani jewelry

Bruna Cusi: Habey Club

Candela Serrat: Luis Berrendero, Messika jewelry, Martinelli shoes

Carmen Machi: Coosy’s wardrobe; Del Paramo jewelry, Inés Domecq shoes

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo: Isabel Sanchis dress, Steve Madden shoes, Kurt Geiger clutch, Ignacio Torres jewelry

Clara Méndez-Leite: Rosa Clará, Bárcena jewels

Clara Segura: Rubén Hernández Sewing, Messika jewelry, Magrit shoes and accessories

Cristina Castaño: Zuhair Murad dress, René Caovilla shoes, Christian Louboutin bag, Bvlgari jewelry

Cuca Escribano: costumes by Rubén Hernández Costura, Magrit shoes

David Bisbal: On the carpet, Boglioli. At the gala, Corneliani.

David Verdaguer: Mansolutely tuxedo, Glent shoes.

Eduard Fernandez: Hugo Boss

Elena Anaya: Armani Privé, Bárcena jewelry, Christian Louboutin shoes

Elena Furiase: design by Andrew Pocrid, jewelry by Mumit, shoes by Inés Domecq

Elena Martin: exclusive design by Joan Ros, rings and earrings by Simuero, shoes by Alohas

Enric Auquer: Late Checkout

Enrique Gato: bundle

Enzo Vogrincic:Loewe

Ernesto Alterio: Giorgio Armani suit, Martinelli shoes, Cartier brooch and watch, Seseña cape

Eva Marciel: Baró Lucas dress, Del Páramo Vintage jewelry, Inés Domecq shoes, Martinelli x Redondo Brand accessories

Fele Martínez: Mansolutely tuxedo

Fernando Cayo:Mr Tort

Fernando Guillén Cuervo: Yusty Canali tuxedo

Fernando Méndez-Leite: bundle

Fernando Tejero: bundle

Greta Fernandez: Valentino, jewelry from Rabat

Hiba Abouk: Fendi Couture dress, Cartier jewelry

Hugo Silva: Lander Urquijo suit, Pitillos shoes

India Martínez: At the gala, design by Gustavo Adolfo Tarí

Inma Cuesta: Alicia Rueda Atelier dress, Messika jewelry

Iñaki Ardanaz: Karl Lagerfeld suit, Hispanitas shoes

Itsaso Arana: Redondo Brand, Del Paramo Vintage jewelry

Itziar Lazkano: Minimil

Javier Ambrossi: On the carpet, black cropped tuxedo in cold wool, with satin details and classic tailored pants, and white chiffon shirt by Palomo Spain, Christian Louboutin ‘Derbies – Derloon’ shoes and Suárez jewelry.

Javier Botet: Boxer

Javier Calvo: On the carpet, black tuxedo in cold wool, with satin details and wide pants all covered in black lace, and black lace shirt with front ties by Palomo Spain; Christian Louboutin shoes ‘Loafers Dandy Chick Plum Strass’ and Suárez jewelry.

Janet Novás: Dress – Yolancris, Jewelry – M de Paulet and Shoes – Magrit

Jorge Motos: Carlota Barrera suit, Martinelli ankle boots, Cartier rings.

Jose Coronado: total look by Pedro del Hierro

The Dani: Angel Campano

Laura Galan: Pedro del Hierro dress and shoes

Laura Gomez: costumes by Oriett Domenech, jewelry by Isabel Guartch, shoes by Martinelli

Leonor Watling: Teresa Helbig dress, Rabat jewelry and Aquazzura shoes

Lupe Cartié: dress and cape by Candidas Couture, jewelry by Beatriz Milleiro

Luisa Gavasa: Beatriz de la Cámara dress

Macarena García: Loewe dress, Bvlgari jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoes

Malena Alterio: Lorenzo Caprile dress, Martinelli shoes, Mumit jewelry

Manolo Solo: Armani total look

Maria Cerezuela: Eder Aurre

Maria de Nati: Pedro del Hierro dress, Damiani jewelry, Aquazzura sandals

María José Llergo: On the red carpet, black Ze García dress, Messika jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. At the gala, Ventura Moda Flamenca dress, Christian Louboutin shoes

Maria Leon: Dsquared2

Maria Vazquez: dress by Ana Prados Atelier, jewelry by Alama Diversa, bag and shoes by Elena Ferro

Marisa Paredes: Juan Duyos dress

Marta Etura: Gabriel Lage dress, Suárez jewelry

Marta Gutiérrez Abad: Hannibal Laguna

Matías Recalt: Zegna suit, Cartier jewelry

Miguel Ángel Muñoz: tuxedo with jewel lapel, shirt, cummerbund and shoes by Dsquared2. Bvlgari Serpenti watch, ring and bracelet

Monica Regueiro: Laura Monge Atelier dress, Hobe clutch

Nathalie Poza: Baro Lucas dress, Messika jewelry

Pastori Girl: On the red carpet, white dress by Inés Martín Alcalde, jewelry by Molina Cuevas, clutch by Olivier Bernoux and Magrit sandals. At the gala, a black dress by Cristina García, jewelry by Ignacio de Pilar and sandals by Magrit

Nuria Gago: dress by Juan Duyos, custom vegan shoes by The Forest Shoes, white gold and topaz jewelry by Jose Luis Joyerías

Omar Banana: Tamara Press outfit, Baerchi shoes

Oscar de la Fuente: Ana Locking

Patricia López Arnaiz: Teresa Helbig dress

Paulina Galvez: dress by Chiara Boni, shoes by Alma en Pena.

Penelope Cruz: Chanel

Pilar Gomez: Alberto Valcárcel

Pilar Ordoñez: total look by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Pilar Palomero: Teresa Helbig dress; jewelry from José Luis Jewelry stores

Pol Monen: Dior look, jewelry and Cartier watch

Ruth Diaz: Isabel Sanchis Costura dress, Yanes jewelry, Martinelli shoes and accessories

Salvador Sobral: At the gala, Javier Navas

Sarah Becker: Bimba and Lola

Sara Salamo: Pedro Del Hierro dress, Bvlgari jewelry, Converse shoes

Silvia Abascal: Oscar de la Renta dress, Aquazurra sandals, Tiffany jewelry

Sigourney Weaver: Thom Browne, Suárez jewelry

Sofia Otero: Amaya fashion for kids

Susi Sánchez: Beatriz de la Cámara

Telmo Irureta: bundle

Tristan Ulloa: Pedro del Hierro suit, Christian Louboutin shoes

Valeria Castro: dress by Rubén Hernández Costura, shoes by Magrit, jewelry from Riad

Old Morla: Adolfo Dominguez

xinyi Ye: dress by Koahari, jewelry by Mumit, shoes by Exe Shoes

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