Donald Trump easily wins the Virgin Islands caucuses

The former American president donald trump (2017-2021) won this Thursday in the Republican caucuses of the US Virgin Islands and continues unstoppable towards his party’s nomination for the November elections, according to The New York Times and NBC News.

According to this information, Trump got 73% of the votes and former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley won 26%. It remains to be seen if the Republican executive at the national level finally decides whether nine or four delegates are distributed in these ‘caucuses’.

“The news just came in that we overwhelmingly won the Virgin Islands caucuses, ALL Delegates (…) I just called to thank the participants. They are celebrating and having a great time, They deserve it! It has been a great day for their favorite President, the Republican Party and democracy,” the former president expressed in Truth Social.

Neither Trump nor Haley campaigned in the Virgin Islands, focused on the state of Nevada, where the former governor of South Carolina also ran in the primaries and ended up failing because voters chose not to support none of the candidates in contention.

For decades, Nevada held caucuses. However, as these appointments tended to cause some chaos, state legislators approved a law in 2021 that abandoned that voting model, also used in Iowa, and established that state authorities had to organize primaries when there was more than one candidate. However, that 2021 law had a legal loophole: although it established that there must be primaries, it did not specify how the Republican Party would assign the winner to the 26 delegates from Nevada, who are the ones who during the party conventions officially proclaim the candidate, both Democratic and Republican for the presidential elections. Taking advantage of that loophole, Trump pressured the Nevada Republican Party to ignored state law and continued with its tradition of distributing delegates in the ‘caucuses’which will also be presented this Thursday.

Trump’s victory in the US Virgin Islands caucuses adds to that of the Iowa caucuses, the New Hampshire primaries and the presumed victory in Nevada.

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