Eduardo Riego, the fighter who has made history by knocking down three rivals at the same time

Last Friday an event took place at the Tarraco Arena in Tarragona that captured everyone’s attention contact sports fanswhich have increased considerably due to the great reception they have had among the young public. This is surely because YouTubers with millions of followers, like Jordi Wild or Ibai Llanoshave been involved in the organization of boxing evenings, MMA and other disciplines where the fight is the protagonist.

On February 9, it took place Dogfight Wild Tournament 2or in other words, the second edition of a night of fights organized by the successful Catalan content creator Jordi Wild.

He poster was made up of eight fights. Each of them had specific rules and characteristics, but they all shared a common denominator: the innovation within the world of contact sportsand, well, also the blood.

The main course of the night or ‘Main Event’as it is known in the parlance of the evening, was an unprecedented battle in which one fighter faced three combatants at the same time.

The fight was the most anticipated among the spectators, since Eduardo Riego I had an almost impossible challenge to knock down Manuel Morales, Iván Rubio and Tomás Cantó, three fighters who practice different types of contact sports and who They all had to enter a cage at the same time to try to knock down the experienced fighter from the Vall d’Uixó.

Eduardo Riego had the almost impossible challenge of knocking down Manuel Morales, Iván Rubio and Tomás Cantó JW

The battle

The forecasts between The experts gave very few chances to the fighter Castellón, since the offensive avalanche of his three opponents was going to be practically impossible to contain by a single man. And the start of the fight seemed to confirm the comments from the previous one, but Eduardo Riego endured the punches, knees and elbows of his rivals like a true gladiator and later ended up knocking them down one by one. in the following rounds. A performance that is already the history of contact sports, and that will remain in the retina of all followers.

Endurance first, and victory later, sparked an outburst of emotions, chants and celebrations among all those attending the evening, causing an environment that fell in love to lovers of these sports and that has led to the recognitions for Dogfight Wild Tournament 2, which is on track to be recognized as the ‘Event of the Year’ among content creators.

Who is Eduardo Riego?

Born in 1988 in Vall d’Uixó (Valencian Community), this new legend of contact sports He started practicing martial arts at the age of 2.. His father, Eduardo Riego Rebellón, was the owner of a sports center called Shotokan Sport, where Eduardo began training Shotokan Karate.

After a long journey through Karate competitions, he made the jump to other types of modalities such as K1, Muay Thai, Grappling and BJJ. At the age of 18 he moved to Valencia to pursue a degree in Building Engineering, and later He debuted in professional MMA, winning his first fight by KO. technical. After completing his studies, Eduardo traveled to Los Angeles to hone his MMA skills.

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