Feijóo: “I said and say no to pardons because the conditions are not met”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo He referred to the information about the analysis that his party made of the amnesty law after Junts’ demands for 24 hours last summer, and the position it maintains regarding the pardons to the independentists this Sunday in Ferrol. National politics and, above all, the position of the popular parties days after Carles Puigdemont threatened to reveal their conversations – “everything will be known” said the former president of the Generalitat – has had a full impact on the campaign of the Galician elections, crucial for the PP. “I am going to be very clear and forceful,” warned the conservative leader.

“I said no and I continue to say no to any amnesty because it is illegal, unconstitutional and breaks the principle of equality between Spaniards. I said and say no to any type of pardon because not a single one of the conditions is met. for any possible pardon. Not even one”. Feijóo reaffirmed his position, as published by El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, defending again that for pardons to be granted, also to Puigdemont, who fled Spain six years ago to avoid being tried, the necessary conditions must be met. . He did not mention them, but he was referring to going through Justice, being convicted and renouncing the unilateral route and respect for legality.

That is the position held by the PP, which insists that it did not specifically offer it to Puigdemont when they tested his party in conversations last summer. In the same ones in which Junts demanded an amnesty law that the PP studied and analyzed for 24 hours to conclude that there was no possible way forward because it was unconstitutional. This was acknowledged by sources at the highest level of the party to this newspaper. Feijóo, from Ferrol this Sunday, revolted: “If the independence movement wants amnesty, it already has Sánchez. With me, the independence movement cannot count on any amnesty.”

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