GASOLINE SYMBOL | Did you know? This is why there is a triangle in the gasoline symbol

At the time of refuel many times We are in more of a hurry than we would like or we are pending what’s aroundof the passengers we carry in the car, or even of the phone mobile (something completely inadvisable in a fuel station or when you are driving).

The fact is that mistakes also occur when we add gasoline and can lead to mistakes, and for this there are some “tricks” such as the triangle next to the gasoline symbol on your dashboard. Below we tell you what exactly is it for.

Your vehicle can tell the difference between one fuel or another

What fuel does your car use?

Surely more than once you have wondered about the difference between gasoline 95 and 98 and how your vehicle can notice it. The truth is that the most important difference – besides the price – is the octane. Octane or octane number is the resistance to fuel detonation when compressed inside the cylinder of an engine. Thus, the higher the octane, higher engine compression capacitywhich translates into a better performance.

However, this does not mean that the gasoline 95 don’t go to give a decent performance for your car, but the 98 is recommendable for those vehicles whose features are greater, such as those of high end. Usually it is the manufacturer itself Who recommends what type of gasoline you should use? depending on the engine your vehicle has.

If we talk about diesel, it will be necessary to differentiate between normal diesel and Premium diesel, taking into account that what determines whether it is one or the other is the amount of cetane it contains. In the case of normal dieselthe cetane level is 51While in the premium dieselthe cetane level increases to 55. This basically translates into the same thing as in the case of gasoline, and that is that the higher the cetane level in diesel, the greater the engine performance.

The gasoline symbol usually has a small sign next to it

The gasoline triangle

As we told you before, it is possible that in the dashboard of your carnext to the gasoline symbol, you may have seen a small triangle, without fully knowing what it means or what its function is. This triangle basically indicates the side on which you have the fuel tank capso that when you go to refuel you park the car on the correct side and the maneuver is easier for you.

Nowadays, almost all vehicles have this triangle, but if your car is old or does not have it at all, it is likely that the side on which the tank cap is located is marked by the gasoline symbol hose of your dashboard. Thus, if the hose is at rightthe cover tooand if it is at leftit will be on the opposite side.

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