GOYA AWARDS 2024| India Martínez and María José Llergo put a Cordoban accent at the Goya 2024 gala

The Cordoba artists India Martinez and María José Llergo they put the cordoban accent to the night of Spanish cinema. The singers have joined their voices with that of Niña Pastori from Cádiz to sing the song It’s over of the artist María Jiménez, who died last September. This lyric has become a feminist anthem, as well as a constant motto throughout the night; the slogan could even be seen written on fans carried by attendees.

María José Llergo and India Martinez. Chema Moya | EFE

Both singers from Córdoba have received a Goya in the category for Best Original Song. In 2015 India Martínez received it for her song Child without fearfrom the film The boy; and in 2022, the winner was Llergo for The sea awaits you of the movie Mediterranean. Furthermore, in the last edition of the Goya Awards, held in Seville, the artists were in charge of presenting the statuette to the best song Leiva for the topic Feeling it a lot.

They have also performed on the stage of this 38th Goya Awards Amaia and David Bisbal with the opening of the gala; Towwho paid tribute to the Chichos with the song I want to be free; and the singers Silvia Pérez Cruz and the Portuguese Salvador Sobral, who remembered the Spanish film professionals who died last year, among them the man from Córdoba Antonio Galafor this In memoriam they have versioned I try to forget youby Manuel Alejandro,

Cordoba representation

The Cordoba actress Macarena Gómez. Raúl Terrell| EP

In this edition of the Goya, the faces of people from Cordoba such as the actress have also been seen. Macarena Gomez, accompanied by her husband Aldo Comas, or the singer and actress Marisol Membrillo. Besides, Fernando Tejero He was the only actor from Córdoba selected to present one of the Goya awards, he did so in the company of actress Loles León in the category of Best Supporting Actor, which went to actor José Coronado. Tejero, Goya award for best new actor in 2003 for the film Days of soccerpassed through Great Theater of Córdoba last December for the premiere of Camino al zoovery celebrated by the public.

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