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The power of language has been confirmed with the winning song to represent Spain next May at the Eurovision Song Contest. An insult stops being an insult when you shout it out loud, dedicate it to yourself and give it another meaning. Some find it difficult to understand, but by repeating the word “bitch” ad nauseam with this song, we will incorporate it in our minds, we will empower it and when someone calls us that we will smile.

The new generations are rising strong, they no longer say that bad things are a pain, they serve pussy! But without women at the forefront taking the first step and platforms like the Benidorm Fest that give them a voice, things would be more complicated, if not impossible. Nebulossa is not the first to try it.

Rigoberta could not represent her song Mama at Eurovision, but it helped some discover a singer who became big with the feminist anthem I want to be a bitch. The importance of language, again. The words come, they empower and give us strength.

Few today say: “Don’t touch my balls.” Now we claim our genitals and we are fed up with the ovaries. It’s not easy and although the success of taking Nebulossa to Eurovision is enormous, poor girl is receiving a million insults online. What if she doesn’t sing well or if the dance team is very gay. Demonstrating, once again, that machismo and misogyny are often accompanied by homophobia. My humble opinion is that music and talent have nothing to do with Eurovision. We brought Ruth Lorenzo, Blanca Paloma, Soraya, Pastora Soler and the incredible Chanel. It didn’t work. Well, we are going to turn it around, we are going to bring something different and with a message. We are going to teach the new generations that a 55-year-old woman can be as modern and empowered as anyone. I see Zorra as the winner because the Eurovision Song Contest has long ceased to be a music festival. A festival that censored Russia last year, but this year does not censor Israel. Because? Because it is a festival that is more political than musical. And Zorra is a feminist song. And feminism is politics and I scream at the top of my lungs: I am a feminist! I’m a slut!

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