Jesé Rodríguez explodes against Gorka for his argument with Aurah in ‘Survivors’: “This subnormal already has his slaps”

The discussions between Aurah Ruiz and Gorka Ibarguren are marking these first weeks of ‘Survivors 2024’. The dialect clash between both contestants has exploded Jesé Rodríguez, the model’s partner, against the former ‘El Conquistador’ contestant through a story that he uploaded to his official Instagram account.

This moron already has his slaps with time and day and they are not mine. I don’t need to give it to him. You had to take care of yourself before entering into something that you are not good at,” the footballer began by saying in this story, which he later deleted.

“You had to take care of yourself before entering into something that you’re not good at. They’re going to hit you, G. “Women are respected and spoken well of, tolete”Rodríguez stated in this publication now deleted from his Instagram account.

After this message directed towards Gorka went viral, Jesé Rodríguez published a new message in which he apologized for his previous words: “Anyone who knows me knows that I am not aggressive., but I want you to understand how I have been feeling these days seeing my wife being humiliated by this boy. Therefore, after my apologies, I ask that “Don’t divert the focus from what’s really happening on the beach.”

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