Joaquín Leguina: “The PP is not a fascist party, ask Puigdemont, he is a shitty fascist”

Joaquín Leguina, former president of the Community of Madrid, has been interviewed on the Cuatro al Día program to talk about Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s proposal to preside over the regional Chamber of Accounts. Leguina was in the Presidency of the Community for 12 years, until 1995, and explains that, since then, the socialists “have not touched the ball again.” Furthermore, the former socialist was expelled from the PSOE in December 2022. Regarding the position that President Ayuso has proposed to him, Leguina has assured that he does not want to be president of the Chamber of Accounts, “I am one more.” The Chamber, he explains, is a system for controlling the investments and expenses of the Community that will objectively carry out its tasks “and not at the orders of the Government.”

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