Julián Muñoz, in serious irreversible condition: discharged from hospital at the request of his family

Extreme concern for the state of health of Julian Muñoz. The former mayor of Marbella is in a very serious condition, which according to sources close to the family is already irreversible.

The family has requested a voluntary discharge from the hospital after 25 days of admission, to continue his treatment at home, accompanied by both his daughters and his ex-wife, Mayte Zaldívar, who despite the conflicts of the past does not separate from his side.

At this moment, Isabel Pantoja’s ex is fighting for his life: “This is a degenerative process that has been going on for a long time.“, stated Paloma García Pelayo in ‘And now, Sonsoles’. It should be remembered that his health began to deteriorate shortly after entering prison, which he ended up abandoning when it was decreed that he could die due to his weak condition. Shortly after he was caught dancing in a tablao flamenco and lost his freedom again.

Despite this anecdote, Muñoz has had different health problems for years. health of a coronary nature, which were aggravated by other respiratory diseases that led to the chronic disease that García Pelayo points out.

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