María del Monte’s nephew enters prison for alleged membership in a criminal organization

Just a couple of days ago the news broke: the singer’s well-known nephew Maria del MonteAntonio Tejado, had been arrested by the Civil Guard in an operation against the violent home assault in the province of Seville. Since he had become known to the general public through his participation in numerous television programs and reality shows, he became one of those investigated for, allegedly, belonging to a criminal organization.

We have now learned that of the eight detained by the Civil Guard In an operation against a network dedicated to robberies with violence and intimidation in homes in the Aljarafe of Seville, six have been placed in provisional prison by order of the judge, among them Antonio Tejado, nephew of the singer María del Monte, one of the victims of these thefts. Apparently Roof he would have been the intellectual author of the robbery at his aunt’s house in August of last year, by providing all kinds of information to the gang for the commission of the assault.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the eight defendants had arrived at the court shortly before 7:00 in the morning, to begin appearing an hour later before the head of the investigative court number 16 of Seville.

They had another robbery planned

Through a statement, the Civil Guard has reported that the detainees They were preparing a new coup with which they hoped to obtain around one million euros, an operation that was aborted by the Civil Guard with the arrest of the eight people involved.

All are investigated for their alleged involvement in the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation, illegal detention, membership in a criminal organization, reception and drug traffic.

This operation has led to the dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to committing robberies with violence and intimidation inside homes with residents inside.

The so-called ‘Operation Abgena’ was initiated at the end of August, after a complaint was filed by a victim of a robbery in a home in the Aljarafe region of Seville, and according to the evidence provided in the investigations, five hooded men They entered the home by jumping over the perimeter fence of a single-family home, forcing the door that gave access to the interior.

Once inside, tied and gagged to some of the residents, while they were threatened with death, while the victims, due to the aggressiveness shown, were forced to collaborate with their captors, offering them the combination to the safe, from which they stole jewelry and watches of high economic value and cash, as well as other objects that were found around the home.

The Civil Guard began the investigation by analyzing the evidence provided and verified that the alleged perpetrators formed a compact group, with a classic pyramidal structure organization, with all the components responding to a single person.

After the first investigations, the agents confirmed the relationship existing between the intellectual author of the robbery (in charge of obtaining information on the distribution of the home, the victims’ routines and the location of the safe) and the person responsible to select the homes of interest.

The organization had individuals known as “machacas”, trusted personnel of the main members of the organization who were usually entrusted with usual tasks, such as transportation, surveillance or guarding the proceeds of illicit products.

Once all the evidence and evidence had been collected, the investigators moved on to the exploitation phase, carrying out eleven entries and searches last Friday, mostly simultaneous, in different parts of the Andalusian capital, as well as in the towns of Guillena and Brenes.

The proceedings along with the eight detainees have been delivered this morning in the Investigative Court number 16 of Seville, decreeing the entry into prison of six people.

Robbery at the house of María del Monte and Sergio Ramos

On August 24, the singer María del Monte reported the attack on her home with her and her partner in Gines, in the Aljarafe area of ​​Seville, where in recent months there has been an increase in home robberies. like the one that the footballer Sergio Ramos also suffered in September at his house in Bollullos de la Mitación (Seville).

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