Nebulossa and Megara will perform consecutively at Eurovision 2024: order of performances in the semifinals

The second semi-final of Eurovision 2024 It will have a great presence of Spanish music. This Tuesday, the EBU revealed the order of performances for the semi-finals of the next edition of the musical competition, which features an important paradox regarding Nebulossa and Megara.

The performers of ‘Zorra’ and the Spanish group representing San Marino with ’11:11′ will perform consecutively at the second qualifying gala, which will be held next Thursday, May 9 at the Malmö Arena.

To be more exact, Nebulossa will act as guests before Megara defends San Marino acting in the number 10 position, very close to the halfway point of the gala. The ‘Big5 (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy) and hosts Sweden will also perform in the semi-finals, a historic claim for these participants.

Malta will be in charge of breaking the ice in this second semi-final with the performance of Sarah Bonnici with ‘Loop’, while Joost Klein, one of the big favorites for victory, will close it with his number with ‘Europapa’.

Regarding the first semi-final, which will be held on Tuesday, May 7, Cyprus will open the festival with Silia Kapsis and her performance with ‘Liar’, while Luxembourg, who returns to the festival after more than 30 years, will close the gala with Tali and her song ‘Fighter’.

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