Okuda San Miguel creates a dragon in El Corte Inglés that “champions multiculturalism and coexistence”

The artist Okuda San Miguel, which on the occasion of the Chinese New Year has developed an intervention for El Corte Inglés in its Castellana center With the figure of the Dragon as the protagonist, he assures that the experience “has been very special” because it is the first time that he represents a mythological animal such as the dragon and also that he intervenes in a space of this type. He has highlighted that “the fact of having had total creative freedom has been key to accepting this project”, and states that, although it is the first time that he represents a dragon, “I wanted to do it for a long time.”

The fact that the large-format dragon piece surrounds such an imperial column (10m high and 3m diameter) is in combination with the circular top screen “makes it even more unique,” ​​he says.

“I think the project is very round because it combines large and medium format sculpture with intervention of the exterior façade with that giant canvas, and a limited series of paper and sculpture, making the project accessible to all audiences”explains the artist.

Regarding the sensations that this work transmits, for Okuda San Miguel, “the idea is that any type of person who passes by there will not remain indifferent and feel something different according to their personal experience, but above all that it inspires and transmits to them strength and receive the main message of freedom and diversity”.

“The most beautiful thing about that location and that format,” he adds, “is that the balcony of those three floors that surround it allows us to have infinite points of view “which makes the experience and connection of the piece with the public even more enriching.”

On this occasion, Okuda San Miguel details that his inspiration comes from the dragons used in New Year’s parades that “usually have very worked heads with a lot of color and many details and always a very very long body that several people are dancing.” An experience that he claims he has lived “on several occasions live” in the Usera neighborhood (Madrid) where he has his studio.

For this artist, his Dragon is “a very personal dragon, more futuristic, more geometric, with all my pyramidal and colorful identitywhich tries to show the change that we are experiencing from the physical world to the virtual world, while championing multiculturalism and coexistence that should be a sign of identity for our future.

Along with this Dragon, the artist has created a soulkeeper, who appears in all his works in a smaller size than the protagonists of the works. “It’s like the guardian of souls that always accompanies the main characters, in this case the dragon,” explains Okuda San Miguel.

The María Porto Art Gallery, located in the very center of El Corte Inglés in Castellana, will be in charge of marketing the works that Okuda San Miguel has created on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, both the Dragon and Soulkeeper sculptures, such as limited series on paper and sculptural format.

a great dragon

El Corte Inglés celebrates the arrival of the Chinese New Year and on this occasion, the protagonist is the great dragon. This animal in the Chinese horoscope represents power, nobility and good fortune. To celebrate, the company has chosen the work of Okuda San Miguel who reinterprets the figure of the Dragon. Through this collaboration, El Corte Inglés seeks to project an image that reflects shared values with Okuda San Miguel, such as modernity, innovation, diversity, cultural richness, passion, warmth and light that the artist transmits through his work.

The large Castellana canvas, which shows the figure of this dragon, is the prelude to what can be seen inside the center. The most spectacular of the works that he has made for this occasion is a majestic dragon piece that will be exhibited at El Corte Inglés de Castellana, in Madrid. The figure, which is perched on the central column of the Atrium, is made on an internal steel structure, is made with different materials such as sprayed polyurea, resin or EVA foam, and hand-painted using synthetic spray enamel. . The spectacular piece measures around 9 meters high. The Chinese Dragon is associated with strength, health, harmony and good luck.

With this project that Okuda San Miguel has carried out for El Corte Inglés, he has not only wanted to reinvent the Chinese Dragon to celebrate the New Year festival, but has also highlighted the cultural connection between Spain and China in a very visual way.

Likewise, and also made by the artist for this occasion, a sculpture of a Soulkeeper sitting at the piano will be exhibited in the central area of ​​this same atrium, and two limited series with the figure of the dragon as the protagonist, one on paper and the other in format sculpture that visitors can enjoy in various spaces of the shopping center.

In addition, the artist has designed a vinyl in tribute to the dragon that will be exhibited at El Corte Inglés on Diagonal, in Barcelona, ​​to also celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Okuda San Miguel, known for its pop surrealist style full of geometric structures and vibrant colors, brings its own design and reinterpretation of the Chinese zodiac Dragon to this holiday. His internationally recognized creativity has become a vehicle to project the Spanish cultural heritage in an updated and innovative way.

The company has chosen this renowned Spanish artist mainly for his career in the international arena and especially for his most important projects carried out in China. His large-format sculptures in cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing and Zhengzhou, as well as his exhibitions in Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shanghai and Wuhan, have always stood out for their enormous connection and empathy with the Chinese public and their understanding of aesthetics. local.

This artist’s work carries the values ​​of Spain throughout the world. His futuristic interpretation of cultural heritage, expressed through its art, has become a recognizable symbol anywhere on the planet.

El Corte Inglés, which joins this festivity for another year, will concentrate a large number of initiatives, promotions and special gifts, in collaboration with regular partners, which will be aimed at customers of Chinese nationality.

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