One of Sandra Palo’s murderers arrested for kidnapping and beating two men in Madrid

National Police agents have arrested nine people for the kidnapping of two men in Madridwho were rescued from a squat house by the Special Operations Group (GEO), the General Directorate of the Police reported this Friday.

The victims were tricked into an appointment to the purchase and sale of a second-hand vehicle. The kidnappers threatened the victims with a firearm and forced them into the vehicle with which they fled.. Those arrested, three women and six men, are charged with the crimes of kidnapping, injuries and robbery with violence and intimidation.

The investigation of the call ‘Operation Maverick’ began on January 17, after receiving the complaint from the victims’ relatives. The kidnappers had contacted them to demand payment of a sum of money in exchange for the release of their relatives. A payment was made, which was made and later recovered by the agents; and they asked for a second without success.

The criminals had stolen from the kidnapped people the money they had with them to purchase the car, as well as the vehicle itself, with which they had traveled to the meeting place.

After the investigation work, a possible location of those involved could be determined. It was about an abandoned building in the capital, which is completely occupied, which made police work extremely difficult.

After several communications between the kidnappers and the victims’ family to try to reach an economic agreement for the release of those held captive, on January 19, a device was established for the release of the victims and the arrest of those involved in the kidnapping. .

Finally, GEO agents intervened to access the interior of the occupied building, where the kidnapped people were located, immediately proceeding to release them, in apparent good health.

The detainees

The operation resulted in the arrest of eight people – three of them in the kidnapped car’s own car – as presumed responsible for the crimes of kidnapping, injuries and robbery with violence and intimidation, and four days later a ninth person was arrested. allegedly involved in the events. Two of the detainees have criminal records. There are six Spaniards, two Colombians and one Peruvian minor. Those of legal age are between 23 and 62 years old.

Among those arrested is Ramón Santiago Jiménez, alias ‘Ramón’, 37 years oldone of those convicted when he was a minor for kidnapping, running over and burning alive the young woman from Getafe with disability Sandra Palo in 2003.

After serving nine years in a center, he continued his criminal activity. The last of his twenty criminal records occurred in the summer of 2022, when the now rapper was arrested for spraying a man with a fire extinguisher to steal 6,000 euros from him.

After the arrestees were brought to justice, three of them were immediately imprisoned, including ‘Ramón’. After registration, More than 16,000 euros in cash were seized, a repeating shotgun and two vehicles. The operation is still open.

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