Pablo Iglesias returns to television: TVE announces his signing as a talk show host for ‘Mañaneros’

Jaime Cantizano has announced a surprising and unexpected signing for the current affairs desk of ‘Mornings’. During the beginning of the delivery this Monday, March 25, the presenter announced that Pablo Iglesias He will become part of the team of talk show hosts of the morning show. His debut took place today, around 1:20 p.m.

“We add a new morning to our political table. Pay attention”Cantizano advanced to give way to a video in which the incorporation of the former leader of Podemos and former vice president of the Government was revealed.

On his first day in ‘Mañaneros’, Iglesias will coincide with José Manuel García-Margallocurrent MEP of the PP; Enma Lopez, deputy spokesperson for the PSOE in the Madrid City Council; and Edmundo Balformer Ciudadanos deputy.

Iglesias signs for public television when They are about to complete three years of their political retirement. A time in which he has continued to be present in the media, collaborating on Cadena SER and directing Canal Red.

Iglesias’ debut in ‘Mañaneros’

In his premiere on the morning show on La 1, Iglesias spoke about a possible self-determination referendum in Catalonia. The program has addressed this issue after the PSOE has denied the general secretary of ERC, Marta Roviraafter stating that both parties have an independence consultation on the table.

“I think it is logical that ERC speaks in all its referendum meetings, and even more so in a pre-electoral context in Catalonia where there will be a competition between ERC and Junts to see who is more pro-independence,” Iglesias began by saying: “Will the PSOE accept a self-determination referendum in Catalonia? I think not. Not only because of the difficulties in terms of legality, but because the PSOE does not agree with that.”

“To me if I would like to. We are in favor of the right to decide and, probably, the only viability of Spain is a republican and confederal structure. But the PSOE is neither republican nor in favor of the right to decide,” commented the new talk show host.

The speaking turn went directly afterwards to García-Margallo, who gave Iglesias a peculiar welcome. “First, I want to welcome Pablo Iglesias now that it is permanently discontinued in the hospitality industry”has dropped on the opening of the former politician’s bar, who has taken his partner’s words with humor.

By allusions, the former leader of Can responded bluntly: “It is curious that there has been more talk about him opening a bar than about Pablo Casado being in an arms industry investment fund. This reveals the situation of journalism in Spain.”

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