Platform 6-F fails in its attempt to collapse Madrid but gets the support of the transporters

The fifth day of protests by Spanish farmers has managed to break through this Saturday in Madridalthough far from the expectations that Platform 6-F had projected, who posted on social media that it was possible that there would be blockades in the capital and protests in front of the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz. The farmers finally gathered from 5 p.m. in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Stadium accompanied by members of the National Platform for the Defense of Transportation, a minority association that was responsible for paralyzing road distribution in March 2022, to call for an indefinite stoppage of your activity. At the end of this conclave, the National Police charged against some of the transporters and farmers concentrated in the vicinity of the area and there were injuries. Also at the entrance to the Goya awards gala in Valladolid, farmers have demonstrated to show their discontent.

Spanish farmers, like their colleagues from some European countries have done in recent days, are demonstrating against the effects of the green policies of the European Union, in defense of fairer trade agreements and to ask for help to face crises such as that of drought. The transporters of the National Platform for the Defense of Transport will also join them.which brings together thousands of self-employed transporters and SMEs, and which ratified this afternoon the decision to begin an indefinite stoppage of activity.

The platform, which in March 2022 promoted a 20-day strike that put the distribution chain in check, takes this step without the support of the National Committee for the Transport of Goods by Road (CNTC)the sector’s interlocutor body with the Government, in which it is not represented.

The decision was adopted in a rally at the Metropolitan stadium in Madrid. There the National Police charged against the farmers after the protesters tried to leave the vicinity of the stadium by jumping some fences, with the intention of cutting off the M-40 ring road. The agents tried to arrest them, resulting in several protesters being injured.. After these clashes, in which the Police have launched tear gas, the protests continue around the Metropolitan, where a police cordon has been installed, although they plan to move to the headquarters of the PSOE (government party), on the street Ferraz.

Farmers ask the Government to act

During the fifth day of agrarian protests, the protesters, who have carried flags of various communities and have shown outrage at the situation in the countrysidehave demanded, once again, that the Government listen to their demands.

In Valladolid, and since early this afternoon, Around 400 farmers and ranchers have gathered at the doors of the Trade Fair where the 38th edition of the Goya Awards is being express their demands with whistles, cowbells and some firecrackers.

Those gathered, who mixed with the audience eager to see actors, actresses and other prominent guests from the world of cinema, They wore yellow vests, identifying the movement of independent farmers and ranchers.which has been mobilizing for more than a week in the region of Castilla y León.

Tranquility has been the dominant note in the first hours of the protest, once a truckload announced in recent days was ruled out, and the mobilization opted for a rally on foot at the Valladolid Trade Fair to make their claims heard but without preventing the normal celebration of the gala. During the day there have also been delays or cuts on different highways in Spanish territory without major incidents.

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