Podemos accuses Marlaska of the Barbate murders and calls for his dismissal: “He has to assume responsibilities”

Podemos holds Fernando Grande Marlaska responsible of the tragic episode that occurred this weekend in the waters of Barbate (Cádiz), where two civil guards who were patrolling were killed when they were hit by a drug boat. Some deaths that the purple party attributes directly to the lack of means of the Civil Guardwhich calls for the dismissal of the Minister of the Interior.

Marlaska has to assume responsibilities for a long list of facts that is unacceptable,” warned the Podemos co-spokesperson, Pablo Fernandez this Monday at a press conference, where he pointed out the exit door. “If we had had to negotiate a Government, Marlaska I would not have continued at the head of the Interior,” the Organization Secretary also warned, in a way of add pressure to add already Yolanda Diazwho until now have avoided demanding responsibilities from the socialist leader.

“The Civil Guard has been demanding more resources for some time because they are abandoned. It is Marlaska’s responsibility to provide more resources,” considered the leader, who defined what happened as “a new episode where Marlaska has not been up to par of the circumstances and it is not the first time that this has happened.” To this day, the party is still studying whether or not to present any initiative in the Congress of Deputies to highlight its actions.


Podemos’ criticism of Marlaska they are not new. The party already maintained strong tensions with the Minister of the Interior in the last legislature, when they were partners in the coalition government. This circumstance did not prevent them from asking him for responsibilities and demanding investigations in Congress regarding the management of the Minister of the Interior.

The clashes occurred over immigration issues, first in 2021 over the return of minor children to Morocco after the massive assault on the fences of Ceuta, and later, in the summer of 2022, for what came to be called the Melilla tragedywhen almost thirty migrants from Morocco died while trying to jump the fence.

Despite the strong pressure from the purples, the requests for responsibilities to Marlaska fell on deaf ears for Pedro Sanchez which, far from removing him, placed him back in charge of the Interior, one of the most sensitive Government departments. It now remains to be seen if Yolanda Díaz takes over the fight within the Government.

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